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What are the long tail keywords?

The keywords are three to four-word long phrases that clearly identify what you are trying to search. Such long phrases are termed as long-tail keywords. In an event where the individual actually turns out to be a customer when he uses particular search words (phrases) they appear to be seeking what they are really wishing to buy. Once an individual is aware of this concept it will be very beneficial in knowing why the long tail keywords are used in the long run of pursuing an individual and converting them into customers.


Such long-tail keywords are slightly lengthy and are determined keyword phrases that the visiting people tend to use more oftenly when they are slightly away from what they want to lay their hands on or when voice-search option is taken into consideration for such purposes. Another thing about these long tail keywords is that they are counter-intuitive primarily, where they play an extremely significant role if only one knows it’s true application which is why these long tail keywords are used.

Examples of Long Tail keywords


A regular keyword : SEO Company

Long Tail Keyword : SEO Company in Chandigarh

What makes long Tail Keywords more preferable?

1) Reduced Competition

Let’s instigate thru antagonism. Not all but some large corporations rank broad keywords rarely. Hence large corporations use alike keywords to rank the product. As an alternative long keywords suits organizations simply the best, the reason behind this is not various of the firms might use longer keywords for a better ranking hence it results in much less competition which gives rise to higher profits.

2) Letting the things remain much natural

Large number of SEO is rising and publishing content on the websites. A few of them may even be repetitive so it is highly recommended to maintain naturality in keywords used. A huge number of keywords is integrated so Sticking to the same keywords may also have a negative impact. This might force Google to consider you and your keywords as spam which might force Google to impose a penalty or might be a ban? So it is strongly recommended not to get into such practice instead try using long tailed keywords to maintain the flow which eventually helps in better ranking position on Google.

3) Remarkable Search Volume

Long tail keywords possess much stirring count. A large number of people keep looking for a particular type of product on the web much frequently which integrates what is the search topic. For instance, if an individual is searching for smartphones between 500$-800$ it will focus on the price component first. This is the reason why long tail keywords are used which causes the keyword to grow longer giving rise to search of predefined type of mobile he must be looking for.

4) Elevated Conversion Percentage

Most people who prefer choosing long tail keywords appear to be detailing about that product. Such an activity is time killer while few people have their share of time spent on analyzing and taper the unambiguous item. This does not happen with the broad words, as the searchers stay in search mode majority of them are still undecided on what they are exactly looking for. This is when long tail keywords is used and it is one of the major reason behind why long tail keywords are used as it generates a thriving conversion ratio.

5) Tagging along with Audience

It’s a significant feature as to why long tail keywords are used that assists in bridging with the audience. A quite decent amount of grip could be obtained in SERP when premium quality, valuable content is written. SEO performance depends on how good you could furnish. To get the best out of it is important to have a look over those keywords that are related to your content which could help in driving gushing traffic.

6) Cost-effective

As there is comparably lower traffic on bidding to the specific keywords hence it is economical. The only reason behind this could be the using of broad keywords are taken into consideration by giants so it is used more oftenly so higher number of people bid on them making it costly as it has an all-time high demand.


As we all know keywords are the basic components of SEO, they are the deciders on what the SERP would be. Before getting into research it is quite crucial to take a nearer peek at the decided keyword that is going to be used. Instead, use keywords that are related which eventually gets more traffic to the sites as well as generating more high income.