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It happens to all of us. When we are blogging then we notice that the traffic is not rising enough. The number of hits is less and we wonder why that’s happening. This issue is faced by each and every blogger at some point in his/her blogging life. Isn’t it the bane of our existence? We have crafted our message, set up our blog and now we wonder, how do I get more traffic? This scenario is also referred as blog traffic jam. Every blogger experiences it at some point. Here in this article, we have suggested certain steps to increase traffic to your blog page. Read on to find out more.

Leave thoughtful comments

You need to leave comments on other blogs. This is one piece of advise that new bloggers need to take seriously. If you wish to increase traffic on your blog then you should leave comments on other blogs.

Write shorter posts

It has been no doubt debated over the years by the bloggers and readers as well that what should be the optimum length of the post. For that matter, we may need to consider the average time that a reader general spends on post while reading it. It has been found that an average reader spends just 96 seconds on a post. So you need to keep your posts small.

Blog consistently

It looks like you don’t get enough time to blog. Right? Well, you don’t need to make it a habit of not writing. Young people are more occupied and busy. You need to blog consistently and make sure you make it a habit. Do it daily and consistently. Once you make a habit out of it then it will be easy.

Write less

If you want to promote your blog, start by writing less. Does it sound opposite and weird? Yes, but it’s true. If you write less, you will focus more on quality. Actually quality is not the only thing that occupies your mind all the time. Quantity is also important, but you should give yourself time to grow. Gradually increase your speed and take time to promote your blog as well. Don’t make it a habit to write your blog in your spare time. Give importance to your blogging activity.

Use trackbacks

Trackback is a mechanism in which one website notifies other about an update. It is an important feedback mechanism about your blog. It is one of the four types of linkback methods. Website authors can request notification and thus they can be well informed. There is some weblog software as well, with the help of which, one can be notified. These software are WordPress, SilverStripe, Movable Type, Drupal etc.

Use subheads and list

Do you want your blog reader to become scanner? Why this is so because you have not presented your blog well. Suppose you give the captivating headline and awesome introduction para but down somewhere you have lost the rhythm. This is a terrible piece of info for the success of your blog. You need to entail your blog well so that the reader remains captivated till the end. Use the generous use of headings, subheads, and listing.

Get on to Twitter

Twitter is a powerful medium of communication with your blog readers and the whole world as well. You can share links to your posts and other useful content that enthralls your readers. Initially, you feel a bit skeptic but slowly you will start getting the feel of it. Try following powerful users and learn how they are able to gather the attention of people.