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An individual who is into content writing and blogging is the one who is most familiar with back-links and the sole purpose of why backlinks are being used. So first we will see what a backlink is and what the significance of a backlink is in today’s digital era.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is an interconnection between the pages on the internet, which permits the web surfers to move from a specific web page to another website. The majority of the population has the wrong idea of such links other than “Backlinks” define the links which appear on a website or form.

Significance of back-links

Being conscious about a web page’s back-link to create a connection map of how the website position on the computer network. For example, a blogger may create content according to the visitor’s interest which is linked to the source website. This causes to a heightened rise in the traffic to the main page. Just in case if the webpage is not linked or backed with some other backlinks, then the only way out is to get maximum exposure is to make the people is to interconnect the website to other Web Pages with such web links or backlinks. This is ok, but for any individual is backed with some general knowledge of the internet is known to this factor that Google only ranks those pages with a higher search engine page result (SERP) rank with the quality content. Hence the backlinks have a significantly high point of recognition than taking the help or assistance off these external web links.

A Brief Introduction

It is a high probability that most of people may be having questions or doubts once they read the topic of this article.

Is it conceivable to attain the maximum traffic without the assistance of such links to the source webpage? Is it possible to get to the top of a SERP without relying on such backlinks?

Let’s find out!!!!

The best revert to such a question is that it is completely dependent on multiple factors which will be conveyed through this article how a website could get a higher position on Google SERP initial page without resorting to such back-links. It is not something new to an individual that Google ranks only those Web pages on the first page of Search engine result page with quality and user-friendly content which gives birth to a good landing page and on the other hand giving a boost to the count of people visiting the webpage. But there is always a way around to get things done and in such case, there are things that could be done to top the webpage results without the help of such back-links. Link building is one of the many ways for ranking on top position on Google. Also, on the contrary, it is strongly recommended that your opinion holds a great way to come to know on how remarkable achievement could be made in topping the SERP results.

Link building is a vital component for getting a higher list ranking on Google search engine page results. Yet there is something more that could be added to the list as the considerable options to engage more traffic and best outcome on the Google SERP. Let’s enlist all the important elements to get a higher audience rate for a website or blog

1) Focus on keywords that carry a dense search volume

Looking out for keywords is the task which is also termed as Brainstorming. There are tons of other websites on which numerous keywords which is Keyword planner and Google discovery etc. Using Google keyword planner could be the best option for a good outcome for funneling the audience in greater numbers which can be achieved only by selecting those keywords which have a dense search volume and comparatively little amount of competition. While doing this, software like SEO PowerSuite and Buzzsumo could be the best helping hand in brainstorming the top keywords for better outcome. Immediately after that a person perceives the importance of keywords then an individual is all set for Google’s head page ranking.

2) Prefer keywords with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Content is the monarch and everyone is familiar with this fact. Exclusive and valuable content does get a better rank on the SERP, but other than that an individual should consider on-page development accurately if he does not want to rely on backlinks for ranking. Then his content should have a suitable keyword thickness. This thickness or density of the keyword needs to be precise, neither should it be less nor should it be more. If a specific keyword is used multiple times then it should be taken for sure that Google’s gonna put that content article or a post amongst spammers. While on the contrary using LSI may minimize this problem of getting added to the Google Spammer list

3) Prefer a topic title that’s out of the box yet a favorable one

The label of any content, post, article or blog is an essential element in deciding factor of a higher ranking. Hence such a title should be handpicked for the blog or article rather than using replicated and commonly used headings for articles. That is because duplicating would not at all help in getting at a higher position on Google SERPs. While on the other hand keep in mind that there are websites that could assist an individual to do so

4) Consider using Long-Tail keywords

Preferring long-tail keywords will with no doubt help in getting better and much higher publicity. Whenever something is searched on Google, suggestions pop up result query. Therefore whenever a search is made Google initially looks for the definite keywords present on the websites. If this not possible the Google then searches by looking for the topic heading. This means that using long-tail keywords will give a better chance of a higher ranking without relying on backlinks.

5) Be a pioneer in writing a topic that is related to the keyword

Every day new data, info, and updates are added on the internet. The audience constantly searches for something which is new and unique which no other website has produced or posted on any of the websites. This could be the key to get on the top of the Google search engine result page without the help of backlinks. Even this procedure requires a higher amount of brainstorming and dense thought process for obtaining and using keywords which will carry no competition and a thick but high search frequency.

6) Adoption of Google Trends

Unleash the full potential of Google along with Google Trends. An individual can start writing and creating content that is trending on the web. It is the hidden weapon of most bloggers on the internet. They keep looking for a topic on the internet that is trending while on the other hand is most searched by the audience and engages a large chunk of web traffic. They then produce content which is of kind post with similar keywords and take the internet down with it

7) Target Google Alert Software for just-out updates and data

Any individual who wishes to top Google SERP could consider using Google alerts for just out updates and information. Receiving alerts from any nook and corner of the world is as simple as that. All one needs to do is to generate an alert from the suggestion or keywords could be created as well for better and more accurate results. Once an alert is created, Google starts emailing the individual about the latest, trending and hot searches with just out content, posts, and information.

8) Securing and Insuring the Website

A website acts as a brand for any content writer or a blogger. Website creation is the first step towards connecting with the customers. If due to any reason that’s not safe and sound the visitors or the audience may not visit the website. Cybercrime is on the verge these days where sensitive information like name, card details, and transnational information could be pulled out while resulting in busting the website. So it 0 is strongly recommended that an individual must get an SSL certificate to secure the website and the traffic visiting the webpage. SSL will create a protective layer for the data transmitted between the computer and web server.


As we all know that we are in an advanced and digital modern era where everything has gone digital right from buying bread and butter to purchasing stocks on the internet. The above mentioned are some of the other ways by which an individual can list himself on higher rankings in Google SERPs. These tools have worked quite well for others for many continuous years and will do the same for you. Therefore backlinks are one of the many ways of topping a SERP list other than the above-mentioned methods. For more information contact #1 SEO company in Chandigarh.