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The selection of right keywords is of paramount importance for developing a strong online presence of a business. The choice of proper keywords is absolutely crucial for making the website rank high in the list of search engines results. Choosing the right keywords is a gigantic step towards Search Engine Optimization and helps in drawing a huge volume of traffic towards the website. The art of choosing the relevant keywords requires a lot of considerations. This art can be mastered by following a few simple tips as mentioned below:

• First and foremost, the topic of the article should be considered specifically to identify its target audience and the benefit that it provides to the readers. The keywords should be chosen keeping the factors in mind.

• While selecting keywords,you should ask yourself what keywords you are likely to search for to get the particular topic in the search results. In this way, you can find the optimum keywords for the stated topic.

• Researching of the keywords is essential to make the final selection of the keywords effective. There are several keywords research tools available online which can come handy in these situations. One can use these tools effectively to find a related keyword that has the highest volume of search.

• To select the most suitable keyword, it is necessary to focus on the keyword phrases instead of focussing on a particular keyword.It is more effective to go for a key phrase which will clearly represent the idea of the written content. A keyword with a long tail is found to be more effective in driving a greater volume of readers as compared to the shorter ones.

• Narrowing the focus on keywords play a vital role in the selection of proper keywords. It is actually very difficult to represent the article or the website since there remains a little or no chance of being unique. There might be several articles or websites of the related topic or business. At this point of time, it becomes very important that the choice of the keywords should be hundred percent specific.

• Repetition of the keyword should be avoided which has a negative impact on the findings of the search engines. Thus, it is very important to vary the keywords so it ranks better in the findings of the search engines. Keyword stuffing could lead to your website being blacklisted by Google, which would defeat the entire purpose of SEO.

• Putting the keywords in the article is a mandate and the target keyword phrase should be included in the subheadings of the content. Sometimes that might not be possible and then one should use the secondary phrases. It is best to include the keyword at least once in the introduction of the content and then it can be spread uniformly in the overall content.

Thus, by following the above mentioned points and with practice, one can easily master the art of picking the right keywords for any article, online content or websites.