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We know the importance of search engine optimization in Digital marketing. This is the major tool to give your website a boost in search engines. Though the basics remain the same, the overall SEO factor is rather dynamic.

If you want to get the best outcome with the help of SEO, then you have to know about the latest trends in SEO this year:

The Growing Importance Of Zero Clicks:

Featured snippets are the in thing. The position above the first search result in the organic searches is called the zero position. The featured snippets will appear here. Every SEO expert has to try and take advantage of this feature. For this, you have to make sure that the common questions about your websites are answered clearly. It must be noted that more than 50% of the searches from Google come from these Snippets.

You Cannot Ignore Voice Search:

voice search in digital marketing

Putting words in the search boxes to find the relevant websites is a thing of the past. The latest in digital marketing is voice search. We do not need to discuss the growing number of mobile users. These users are more comfortable with voice searches. Uses are also using home assistants like Alexa for voice searches. So, voice searches have to be a part of your strategy if you want to get more organic traffic.

Mobile UX And The Search Engine Rankings:

Mobile UX And The Search Engine Rankings

Mobile web pages are growing in popularity, and this will continue this year as well. In fact, if a website does not have a mobile version, then it has to be prepared to lose most of its users. But it is not going to be enough to have a mobile optimized website. The interface has to be attractive and user-friendly. Keep in mind that you must have higher ratings in the Google mobile page index.

The Importance Of CTR And Dwell Time In Ranking:

Email Click-Through Rates or CTR and the Dwell time that is the time spent by the user on the web page before leaving the website are important factors for ranking. These days people have access to very fast internet connections. These factors will naturally become more crucial this year. CTR gives an idea about the number of people who have clicked on the link. Dwell time gives an idea about what the user has done after clicking on the link.

Better Digital Experience:

If your webpage does not load in few seconds, then you will lose potential customers. It has been found that a delay of even 1 second in the loading of the website can bring down the conversion rate by 7%. So, one has to focus on the load speed. It is equally important to avoid complex interfaces that will leave the user confused as this will also increase the bounce rates.

Focus on all these trends as well as the existing basics like content quality, length of the content, etc in order to get a well-optimized website.