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No digital marketing strategy is complete without social media marketing. But social media is one thing that is continuously changing. New social media platforms will come up or the existing social media platforms will change. So, the digital marketing company has to adapt to the changes fast so that their client gets the maximum advantage from the social media campaign.

The Growing Trend of Social Media Detox:

The number of social media users across the globe is in millions. But at the same time, we cannot ignore one important thing. That is the digital media detox. You will find that there are people who are moving away from social media. There is a trend where people are deleting their social media accounts.

Some of them are doing this for a temporary period while there are some who are doing it on a permanent basis. This is because these people find that there is an overdose of social media. The fake news and other duping activities are on the rise. Some people also feel that social media is having a negative impact on their mental health.

This does not mean that you do not have to focus on social media marketing. But at the same time, it is important that you focus on all the other channels of digital marketing.

Audience Engagement:

It is not just enough to have followers. The focus has to be more on building communities around the brand. It is all about increasing audience engagement. Social communities are not a new concept. But brands are exploring this option in order to increase audience engagement. You need to have content that will encourage the target audience to get into a conversation. This can also be one way of getting more leads.

The Role of Influencer’s:

Influencers can help in a big way in brand promotion. After all word of mouth publicity is always going to help. But again, you need to have influencers whom the audiences will trust. Celebrity endorsements can be an expensive affair. Besides these days the trend is that people will trust their near and dear one’s recommendations instead of that of the celebrities. So, the focus has to be on micro-influencers. These people should be a part of the community. This is because followers are more likely to trust the recommendations of these micro-influencers.

The Customer Service Aspect:

Social media platforms can also be used as a customer service channel. There are around 30% of people who feel that social media is one of the best ways to communicate with the company. Some also believe that this is a convenient way to interact with the company round the clock. Brands need to understand that their response time is going to be crucial here. Remember that complaints and queries on social media platforms are visible to a large number of people.

Social media will surely continue to be an important aspect. Brands surely need to focus on it. But at the same time, the emphasis also has to be on other marketing channels.