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It is okay to be dashed when everyone else refuses to link you up. It is quite obvious that you would have tried every way around to link building. Email outreach is another breakthrough in such situations, does it still support to get you there? It is not rocket science in the first place. As we all know in this modern era, nothing is impossible. We will guide you through the entire process.

Present Day

As most of the people are found saying, for it to work the content should match the quality and relative content. “Remarkable content is simply amazing and that is what pulls traffic” is what they say. What if it is not even a requirement at all? Sounds impossible right? But hey we exist in the digital era. And to get something done it is not necessary to stick to the conventional methods. As we all know there are always other ways to get around.

Okay to be honest link building is a bit tricky and twisted, but it is not something which cannot be done. So if you have any intention of building links now or in near future, let me present to you some ways of building. And the best thing about sticking to these methods is that they work irrespective of the quality and content of the website. It is for sure to work.

Strategy for Link building

Strategy I

Link Intersect

Sometimes it so happens that an individual emails a website, asking for a link support. But the sad part is they never do so. Those websites receive such emails so frequently that they are bound to neglect it. While on the other hand if mailing to 2-4 competitors it is highly probable that they would link to you. You just need to link to a handful of competitors. This indicates that linking someone who belongs to the same line of work does not bother them at all. Which indicates again their open-mindedness.

So how can one do that? The way out to this question is by going for Arhefs and choosing the “ link Intersect” feature. You would then need to enter the 3 closest competitors name followed by the domain name at the end. This will produce a report stating link to the competition but keeps you away from it. After you have done this you can go through the few websites which match your requirement and mail the site owner. Hence resulting into a conversation and ending up building a link

Strategy II

Image Link Building

The one thing about any kind of audience is that they love visuals more than text. So audience love images. Ever been to social media giants like Instagram? What makes them so popular? The answer to this question is that they have tons of images which come in great varieties. Billion dollar business on images hence pushing the audience to move rapidly towards pictures and photography. While blogging the individual should prefer sticking to custom images on the website. Does not matter in the slightest if you are not much of a designer. Mechanisms like canva is always available to pull out those individuals.

Strategy III

Link Reclamation

This strategy clearly states that as the website gets older and older people start to acknowledge you and the organization. While acknowledging they mention company name but might not link to you. So the preferable option here is to mail them and ask them to link instead of mentioning. It is a comprehensive tactic and has worked efficiently so far good. Let us put it this way if a particular website or an online organization footnotes either you or your organization, then in this scenario, it is very much self-explanatory that they liked what they saw.

So while emailing those people/organization it is not only that they will be impressed but it is highly probable they will respond. This makes the job easy for the individual to persuade them accordingly. The important thing to note down here is when you sent a mail, never forget to notify them the post that footnotes you and the work you did and achieved on social media.

Strategy IV

It’s a Performance-based Press

Ever heard of the name like CNET, Entrepreneur, Techcrunch etc. How would it be getting mentioned on those websites? Sounds thrilling right? Of course, it is, these websites are renowned globally No we are not talking about guest posts. Anyone would like to get acknowledged on those websites. But the question posed here is how is it possible? These websites are the organization that has sufficient PRserve it provides press based performance. If they get it done you pay or don’t need to worry about paying even a dime. The best thing about PRserve as it holds a genuine authorized PR company. They are not in the business of selling links as they are unaware of what link building is. Also, they don’t try to take advantage of prime accounts and guest posts. They, in reality, try to convince efficient writers to scribble about you and your organization. For best results, this tactic could be coupled with strategy 3.

Strategy V

Use of Infographics

Ever heard about Infographics. It is a sub-type of media file. The term Infographic explains could be explained or understood from its name itself. It is better defined as the graphic representation of information. We probably have been through infamous social media platforms. It is quite comprehensive. As seen in some cases some Infographics have been seen having around 3000+ backlinks. Hence this shows how effective it is. As there is no assurance of it getting required hits. So the thing needed here is to keep looking for content that has at least 100 backlinks.

Read the article thoroughly then. Then brainstorm for the entire process of turning text into an Infographic. There is a need for acknowledging the source. If you are clueless about using an Infographic you can take help of Fiverr or Infogram tool is available for help always. And once the Infographic is completed, issue it where you want to while not forgetting to link the original source.

once it is completed then the next step would be shooting the mail to the sites that are linked to the original content and mention that you have made an Infographic. You need to give them the embed code.

Strategy VI

Stick to Moving Man Method

Are you aware of the recent stats that had been discussed and was over the web for quite long? These stats come up 4 times a year or can say “Quarterly”. These are the stats which indicates the count of business getting wind up yearly. To be precise the count will be a high numerical. As well of course as 7 out of 10 business winds up each year.

The business being closed means a lot of link opening for others. This gives rise to broken link building. The best method of taking advantage of the Moving Man Method you should look for businesses which

Recently had a name change

Discontinued updating resources

Terminated services and products

Declaration of winding up business (not shut down yet)

In the end, this helps in getting sky touching domain supremacy links


So in the above-inscribed article it is mentioned how one can build links when everyone else backs off to link you up