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People are much aware of SEO services and benefits related to it. But still after having a top SEO friendly content, they are not able to grab maximum clicks from the Google or other search engines. The reason behind this is lack of link building. Previously other search engines used to focus on the content of the website to give ranks. But after Google was introduced to page ranking, only SEO based content was not enough for ranking high among websites.

For top rating in SERP, links became more important. Attractive links from other websites are the effective ways to grab rankings on SERPs. Thus, this gives link building an important place in SEO services. Following are the points which show the importance of link building for your website to rank high:

Links from related content

This is one of the important way to rank high. It is important that the links are connected with the pages having same topic. This is found by the keywords used to search through Google and other search engines. Hence, it is necessary that you select proper keywords and content to build up links.

Descriptive anchor texts

The Anchor text means the phrases used by the link to make it click able. The precious links used to use phrases like click here but now, this is not enough. Now a days, the phrases made are kept relevant to the content or keywords which give an idea to the search engines about the page before it is clicked. The more effective the phrases are made, the more ranking you receive.

Use of targeted words in link building

While creating phrases for link building, make sure you use all possible keywords that are often used for searching. The keywords should also be used in the content to make it more catchy. Make a list of all the keywords used to search similar pages. When you have selected the words, select the top 10 words which are not more commonly used to get more effective link. This would give rankings on Google and other search engines.

On page optimization

Only back links are not necessary for getting top ranks. On page links are also necessary. For this one needs to update unique contents at regular intervals. When back links are connected to the inner pages, the content or pages look natural and original to SERPs and hence helps to rank high.

With the help of links that are either inbuilt, back build, etc. the websites get high ranking from the SERPs. The more your links and content is effective the more you progress and get ranked higher. The SEO services are hence now also focusing on Link building and not only depending on SEO based content with the help of the owners to get ranked top.