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Banner advertising is a very prominent part of a digital marketing campaign. But some people believe that one may not be able to reap many benefits from banner advertisements.

The main reason for this is that potential customers normally do not like these advertisements. In fact, many people use tools to keep these advertisements away from their screen.

Do not get disheartened. You can reach out to your potential clients with banner advertisements. But for this, you will have to put in a few efforts.

Focus On Topic Targeting:

Before you create a banner advertisement you must know the importance of topic targeting. In this case, you can place your banner advertisement on webpages or on videos or on apps that are related to your product or services.

For example, if you are selling agriculture-related products then your advertisement will appear on pages that are related to agriculture. Topic targeting will help you reach out to a greater number of potential customers.

All that you have to do is add specific topics as well as subtopics in the “Topics” menu in the Display Campaign section of the navigation panel of your Google Ad’s account.

You Have To Get The Basics Right!

While creating a banner advertisement you have to make sure that you get the dimensions of your banner advertisement right. There are some standard dimensions. The choice of the dimension will depend on where you are placing the advertisement on the webpage.

You Cannot Miss Out On Hierarchy:

When you are creating a banner advertisement you have to keep in mind the hierarchy. The most important thing is the brand. The customer must see the company logo first when he sees the advertisement.

The next thing that the viewer must notice is the products, services, fabulous offers that the company is giving. For example, free samples or limited period offer etc are lines that will attract the attention of the customer fast.

Finally, it is encouraging the viewers to check the details and to take action. For example use of words like Click here now or Start right away etc. All these 3 factors have to be a part of your banner advertisement.

Simplicity Is The Best Policy:

Your banner advertisement has to be simple and to the point. You have to convey the most important things in a limited space. Also, remember that the target audience will just look at the advertisement for a fraction of a second. You have to convey the details instantly.

If you try something way too difficult then you are going to confuse the customer and he is not going to click on the advertisement.

Create The Right Impact With Moving Images:

If something is in motion then it will naturally catch your attention faster. Even in the case of advertisements if it is in motion then the chances that the target audience will notice it is higher. You can make use of the traditional slideshow or you can have an animation video. Yes, we know that this is going to add to the budget. But the impact that it will create will be awesome and you will see that in the results that you get.

The Text Has To Be Legible:

Do you think that the target audience is going to spend their precious time trying to read tiny fonts? You have to make sure that the text of the advertisement is bold and clear. Do not try to use complicated curved and stylish fonts that are difficult to read.

Call To Action Is A Key Factor:

Your advertisement has to speak to the client. It has to tell him to come and explore your product. It has to tell him to click on the advertisement. For this, the call to action is very important. Ideally, make sure that you give only one offer in one banner advertisement. Do not try to put in too many things.

The Banner Advertisement Has To Be Irresistible:

The banner advertisement has to be interesting and alluring. It has to have that “X” factor.Only then you can expect the client to click on the advertisement. For this, you have to think out of the box and give the advertisement a touch of innovation.

It Is All About Trial And Errors:

Once your banner advertisement is ready you have to try it in order to know if it is working and giving you results. Measure the success rate and then make a few changes in the advertisement. Then give it a try again and see if you are getting better results or you are facing problems.

For creating a topic related banner advertisement, you have to ensure that you get the basic things like dimensions, text size etc right. You also need to focus on animation, call to action, offers and exclusivity. It is also important to ensure that the advertisement appears only in places that are related to your product or service.