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The first question that comes to the mind when you start any online business is – Is DIY (do it yourself) of SEO possible? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! It is not only possible but preferable as well. The world of SEO is continually changing. The online business owners have to constantly meet the expectations of the consumers. They can’t afford to invest so much time and energy into optimization of SEO at all times. The good news is that with some SEO tricks, you can optimize your site by yourself.

Here are top 5 DIY tips of 2017 that you can put into action without taking any help and get fast results –

1. Target Demographically

Gather insights about your website trends, content reach and other demographics. This will help you in completing the first step for creating geographically-based content. You can then target the content accordingly, connect better with your community and engage with influencers in that geographical area.

2. Prefer videos over pictures

If you haven’t included interactive content like videos, then this is the time to do so. Why? Well, videos have been proven to be more interactive than the other form of content such as pictures. The year 2017 is definitely going to be the year of video content. They are everywhere. Vlog is the new ‘it’ thing in boosting your brand reach. So, it is the perfect time to incorporate the power of videos for your web business. You will be amazed to see the consequences.

3. Find the right keywords

You can take help of the Google Keyword Planner tool which is available for free. It will help in providing keyword ideas for your website just by putting your website’s URL. You can then review the keyword provided by Google and use them to boost the SEO of the site.

4. Focus on unique yet engaging Content

This is not a new advice but is definitely going to work wonders in 2017. Although there is scarcity of unique content these days, yet if you find ways to get that for your web business then you will definitely get more engagement. This will showcase your expertise and attract more viewers/ readers to your business.

5. Pay attention to building Trust

Trust is undoubtedly the backbone of any business. This is especially true in case of web based business. So plan long term. Think clearly and make a clear strategy of your web business and target the specific audience. Find ways to give value to your audience. You can work on creating online campaigns and engage more visitors. Try building healthy relationship with search engines as well as real visitors. This will build your reputation and add value to your brand.

By integrating the above tactics as a part of SEO campaign and enhance your website’s credibility. While you can start with these less technical aspects of SEO, these can help a great deal in the longer run.