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Overview of mistakes and functioning of Google ads

The wonders of advertising through Google AdWords fascinated you so much that you start to join in the campaign without having any clear idea how to pay for those clicks and how they are going to be advantageous for you.

Google Ads can be greatly productive and profitable means of promoting your business. It is one of the best sales generation machines with a variety of customization, features and various targeting options. This wonder of the tool, however, should not distract you from your goal. You have calculated marketing steps behind producing an ad that will not only increase clicks but also your sales.

What happens with common people who are ignorant of these marketing strategies is that they keep the original recommendations which Google suggests, and ultimately they turn out to be a very costly propaganda, something beyond their budget. This should definitely be avoided. Google’s purpose in making you produce ads is to increase the clicks but your purpose is to gain revenue from the ads and also promote your brand. Sometimes Google by its clever tricks presents hides the features such that missing one among them is very easy. However, this should also be kept in mind that Google charges less per click if your click-through rate is high and also when you Ad appears to be useful to quite a many people, who goes and searches your ad.

Google also provides some tools which you can use for free such as keyword tool to help, along with independent sites such as Word tracker which can effectively help you look up for keywords, which is crucial for your ad. Now, it is advisable that you initially keep a low budget like $5 to $10 per day so that you don’t end up spending too much at the very start. Once you get a hang of the experience, then you can change your budget to higher turnovers.

These pieces of advice and some mistakes, if kept in mind while dealing with Google, will get you close to your goal and also invite in more users toward your site and provide good results against your marketing efforts. We will discuss those mistakes in details below.

Common mistakes and some advice:


Choosing the right network – When you are creating a network campaign, you have the choice to choose either a display network, a search network or both of the options. You should select search network when your goal is the generation of more leads that is you want to increase the traffic for your brand but not brand awareness or promotion of your brand. If you choose the display network, then what happens is Google will itself filter and place your ad on related websites. But not to random people who want to find you and that is exactly why rates of the display network are incredibly low compared to the search network. So, a display network is not worthy of your time and money because you will not get much traffic.

Choice of keywords – The temptation will be to put in all the available and relevant keywords so that anyone who is interested will get to know your website when they put in the relevant keywords. The thing with this is that if you try to appeal to everybody you fail to attract anyone. Because it will confuse each user and no one will want to go to this mumbo-jumbo of words. So, what must be done is that you should select a campaign with selected keywords that will only attract one part of your target customers. Then when they go in to find out more about you, make your web page such that it is suitable for everyone and will serve everybody’s need. What you can also do is search for negative keywords with the help of the tools like Keyword Planner, Uber suggest, Google suggestions and others. These keywords will benefit you in terms of money and they will let you attract a good number of leads. So you should start with choosing around 100 negative keywords in your Google ad and then refine the list by adding exactly those you need.

• Not setting up as many conversion testing as you can – You should never, and stress on the never, start without initiating a Conversion Testing first. Without the testing, you won’t have a clear idea or estimate how much is your expenditure for obtaining a lead or a sale, which keywords are actually driving sales, which are proving to be useless and many more. Optimizing your ad campaigns with the Conversion Testing is a great way of increasing your returns and getting the most value of your money. For adding this, first, go to settings – then measurement – and finally to conversions. Then add every likely action to that list which will obviously be based on the actions that people would take at your web page. Some examples of your conversion are the sale, downloading app or eBook, a phone call, sending email, a form submission and newsletter sign up.

Click – through strategy – Click-through rate has a major role in helping you to reach your goal. You can save money with a higher click-through rate. But if a high click-through rate does not fetch you clients and increase traffic then your entire point of producing an ad goes to waste. So, it is always better to write ads precisely for your target customer, the one you are looking for. Be honest about what exactly you are selling and your content should not be influenced by this fact that such and such product always have less amount of the audience. Also, add in your specialties like whether the client will get a “custom made” product or not. Suppose, you are a mobile cover manufacturer, so in your ad what you should mention is whether you manufacture mobile covers for iPhone only or if not so exactly which phones are included. What will happen, as a result of this, only iPhone user or those particular phone uses will come looking for you. In this way, the number of people who will click through your ad will be filtered and only those who need the same will click through and not for people who are looking for in general products. So the conclusion is high click-through rate would not fetch you gold.

Do not take help from Google – You may be advertising your product through Google, but do not take help from it. Often, it is heard from business owners that they were contacted by a Google representative who offered to optimize his or her ad campaign or to help you in editing your Adword Campaign. You can trust on the reports and reviews of people worldwide that it does not turn out to be at all profiting. Most people lash out when this subject is brought on because they have been betrayed and let down. It will be undoubtedly an unmitigated disaster. AdWord is, not to doubt, an amazing creation which simplifies your tasks, but Google reps are absolutely clueless about channeling an AdWord campaign towards the right direction. Since they are not investing their own money, they would not care to look if you do not gain any profit at the end of the day. Take help from experts but never from a Google rep.

Ignore regional trends– The advertisers are divided into two types – one, whose focus is on a small region like a city. This is okay if you are a small business like some café or restaurant, it’s actually better if your ad runs in your locality. The other type of advertiser is those who want to spread and promote their brand on a nationwide level and also at the international stage. If you have a business which is not centered on a particular locality, then you can definitely opt for your ad to spread to a large geographical zone. The advantage of approaching the second one is that you can determine the performance of your ad in a particular city or town, based on the data you have got. Judging by these performances, you can set the budget for other cities and boost it up more, if you want. It can also happen that you find that your leads or keywords are coming in and being searched for respectively from a particular city only. You then have to modify the ad campaign and use a different set of keywords. Also, it will be easier to find that the service or brand you are advertising is working in which particular cities. However, when you concentrate your ad only on a particular area, then what happens is it becomes impossible for you to find out exactly in which areas your ad is gaining success on a broader scale. It will, of course, be better for you to experiment with various locations and then find out in which areas or cities you are getting the multiple cost-effective sales.