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The digital trend has opened several opportunities to promote our services and products. Several companies have started to try digital marketing campaigns, however, some companies still give importance to traditional marketing tactics. On the other hand, many companies have merged digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies together and they are able to see excellent results.

In the present scenario, both marketing strategies are useful and it is recommended to use both together so as to get your company to the edge it requires. It is tricky to combine two different marketing strategies. If you do not perform in the right manner, there are chances to see sub-optimal results. As you gain experience, you can easily learn the tricks that make your merged campaign (traditional and digital elements) a successful one.

Why You Should Utilize Traditional and Digital Marketing Tactics Together?

At present, digital marketing strategies and campaigns involve blog post writing, email newsletters, pay per click ads andsocial media campaigns. Though all these strategies are effective for tech-savvy individuals, it does not reach everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to implement traditional marketing techniques to leverage your promotions and reach people who are not in touch with the World Wide Web.

Remember, there are still millions of people even web users who hang on to the radio, watch television and read newspapers and magazines. Just as they drive around the town, they come across billboards and magazine advertisements on an everyday basis. By combining traditional and digital marketing strategies, you can remain confident that your service or product is noticed by large audiences.

The main task to perform before starting the campaign is to find out which products perform well with offline promotions and which products show better results online. Digital marketing is highly beneficial for small business owners. They do not have to invest in expensive television ads instead they can focus on social media marketing and email campaigns. The cost of these campaigns will involve only the labor expenses. Traditional marketing works but when it comes to promoting a small business- low-cost digital marketing campaigns serve as an excellent marketing option for small business owners.

There are several ways to combine these two marketing strategies. It is sure human creativity will create more combined marketing methods in the future.

Let us review the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing and digital marketing before discussing integration!

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

• Reaches a wider audience

• Data about prospects and customers can be easily collected

• It is not as intrusive

• Offers two-way interactions with consumers

• Easily reachable by any person from any place

• Remains best to the present fast-paced scenario

• Results are easily tracked and measured

Downsides of Digital Marketing

Traditional VS Digital Marketing

• Places the business under public and immediate scrutiny (negative comments)

• Hard to obtain visibility

• Easy to left behind due to fast developing techniques and technologies

• Takes a lot of time (regular content creation)

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

• Provide a personal approach (direct mail and face to face approach)

• Promotes to clients who are not online

• Reaches a widespread audience

• Provides a high victory rate

• Remains in the memory for a long duration

Downsides of Traditional Marketing

• It is difficult to track results

• The price of traditional marketing is very expensive

• Promotions are not specifically targeted

As there are both advantages and disadvantages in both methods, it is better to integrate traditional marketing into digital marketing in such a way to spell great results for advertising campaigns. How you should integrate exactly for the best outcomes? Let us discuss the following tips that can be used for your business.

Tips to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Both marketing approaches have unique benefits that are not present in each other. Several businesses wish to explore both marketing campaigns. It has resulted in demand for integrating two marketing strategies for a better thorough marketing campaign which reaches more people.

If you have planned to combine traditional marketing and digital marketing campaigns, it is necessary to search for resources to improve your efforts. We have shared some of the best ideas which can successfully combine these marketing approaches.

• Include your digital accounts on your printed advertisements. It is recommended to include a social media account or website address on the billboard as part of a promotion. If the advertisement gets attention from the viewers, it is sure they will check the digital portion also. They can research your business on own whenever they get time.

• Make use of television advertisements to bring traffic to the website. As it has shown effective results, the trend has started to grow in recent years. Marketers know the value of television ad campaigns. By sharing a good advertisement, you can easily draw a reasonable portion of viewers. When you share details about your website in all the television ads, you can drive sufficient traffic to your business website.

• When you post your advertisement in the newspaper or magazine, include QR code. Most people still follow print media. Though they are not purchasing on own, they will read the magazine in the dentist’s office. By adding a QR code, the user can easily scan and view the web page. Thus, it remains an effective option to bring traffic and increase your sales.

• Run a traditional campaign: A newsletter or traditional flyer work equal to the digital version. When you do a mail campaign by collecting the details of prospective customers, you should also ensure to collect email addresses for the electronic campaign. You can convert the traditional newsletter or flyer into digital version and share it on social media sites too.

• Inform customers about your online store. Whenever you sell a product or service instore, you should tell your customers about your website for making online purchases. If you have social media pages, you can also ask them to check your social media pages and webpage too.

• Drive clients from the web to your traditional store. Whenever you come across new clients on the internet, motivate them to visit your shop. You have to give the location and address details so that they can easily find your shop. If possible, create advertisements for particular locations and improve awareness about your physical shop.

• Promote local events online: It is recommended to design an event page on social media networks like Facebook. Invite your customers or followers to use the page. With Twitter, you can connect with the participants. By using a hashtag for your business event, you can easily make the event a trending one.

• Ask your sales players to follow up: In the majority of digital marketing plans, you will find forms utilized on websites to gather customer information. For example, signing up to view gated content like online courses or video tutorials. The sales team in your business should follow the users by approaching them by phone.

A digital marketing promotion serves as a useful option to market to a modern client base. But still, traditional methods of marketing yield results when smart marketing is performed. Though some argue the merits of digital marketing versus traditional marketing, the leaders in the industry have identified the best methods to combine the true marketing methods for a truly comprehensive and effective integrated marketing campaign that can offer the best results.