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What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click, which is an internet marketing model that is utilized to the fullest by the online advertisers to which they pay a specific sum (amount) whenever their ads are clicked by the web surfers. Basically, it is another successful way of  creating a populace and engaging more traffic which means more visitor on the particular web page

In simpler words Pay per click is an advertising model that helps the advertisers to get more visitors on to their website as just the appearance of the website is or an ad is not charger only it is chargeable when someone clicks on that ads, that’s why the name Pay Per Click (PPC).

PPC Marketing Trends

In total there is three pay per marketing trends. To be more specific I’ll list them out

❖    Display Advertising

❖    Mobile Landing Pages

❖    Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Subsequently entering SEO is hoped to grab the digital marketing orbit this year. How the PPC model will work people are still investigating. It doesn’t matter even in the slightest whether you have the dependency on Ad Word campaign of Google or might have possibly used the jumbling up things by brand advertising using Google Shopping or Google Display network option. The following points will help you to beat your marketing campaigns into the shape which is directly related with the latest Google updates

Google Display Ads

In a recent update, some google user shared this information that till date the tremendous growth and steady rise is the result in the boost in the usage of Google Display Ads. From the time of its release and deployment, the services have experienced a spending of 41 Billion this year which took a rise of 4 Billion $ compared to the last year’s spending as it was just something more than 37 Billion $. The numbers can really impress any individual but what is more impressive is where these display ads keep appearing and generate income as Google knows just where to place them and get the most out of it.

Mobile Landing Pages

It’s not only that only display advertising is on fire, even the mobile paid search is trending too. In reality, 2018 is expected to be an even better year for this part of digital marketing. However, it is no longer a mystery that mobile epitomized websites that are a must in today’s mobile-driven world. Also, we all use smartphones that receive continuous ads and that too are of PPC types which has also explained how these ads are rising as most of the PPC ads get responses from mobiles rather than PCs. The digital marketing professionals state ” Your PPC page should be highly responsive”. This trend explains why marketers should consider the use and subsequent crafting a compelling user experience that matches this intent. Doesn’t matter if your rate of marketing click-through is high, but we guess how your conversions might appear. If this click-through rate is not helping you to get any conversion, then you need to rethink how your landing page designs are working for you? Whenever getting yourself designed a mobile PPC landing page

❖    Short sales cycle

❖    Industry-specific mobile search campaign formats

❖    Mobile-preferred Ads

Video Display Ads

Acknowledging the outpouring of video display ads and studying different and out of the box ways to get this video content rolling in your digital marketing campaign. Facebook users are highly bewitched by videos that are used on the social networking platform which is not only Facebook but includes Instagram as well. Both live and recorded video is a major reason behind the thriving increase or rise in user engagement.

Artificial Intelligence: A Match Made in Heaven?

Cardinal Digital Marketing says that in 2018, Google will snuggle even more as it works without getting tired which is currently based on keywords based advertising to advertising based on intent which has substantially added some weight to the specs which was announced by almost every speaker at a Google marketing event. The statements are united by the latest Adwords feature of rolling out to indicate that there’s quite a high chance of Adwords becoming even more automated from the very next year. At present, the movement has successfully proving to be most valuable in marketing terms. It is a way for the people who advertise on google to get connected with intent. Once this sort of information is clarified fully, it makes things a lot easier for Google to show those users that relevant results can be enabled to take action quickly.

Benefits of PPC

There are several benefits of using the PPC marketing model over the OPC

❖   Pay Per Click contributes to business goals

❖    PPC is measurable and trackable

❖    Quick entry

❖   Pay Per Click gives you better control

❖   Pay Per Click model works better with other marketing channels

Contributes to a Business Goal

This is the most irresistible reason for using the PPC. Pay Per Click helps to achieve a large number of goals that are related to business and marketing. The goal can be high-level brand exposure or it might be a hot lead generation or e-commerce sale. Almost any type of conversion can be tracked using the Pay Per Click model. It is an effective tool for arranging website traffic drivers to end-goals.PPC supports many parts of the sales siphoned and the which is used by the prospect.

Measurable and Trackable

The biggest and the most exciting benefit of the Pay Per Click model is that it could be tracked and measured easily using Google Adwords. For that Google Analytics could be used in combination of Google Adwords Tool. Then you can enjoy the benefit of getting high-level performance details which can include clicks, conversions, and the most important impressions depending upon the business goals.

Quick Entry

It doesn’t matter even though you have entered the digital era and your competitors are a mile away from jumping into the Pay Per Click marketing model. With the help of a little optimization, you can start running your own business. PPC lets the business cast a wide net to look for new customers and engage in converting the customers to prospects. And in addition to that majority of the work is done within the PPC platform.

Better Control

As there are several differences regarding the default settings of the campaign, while you can have the ultimate control over a variety of options on how you can arrange to reach your prospects. It initiates with the keywords and placements that select to segment and how restricted you will be regarding your business goals. Google’s Adwords and the program involved answers to where and how your ads will be positioned on a particular website and how much you are willing to spend as compared to your competitors. The best part is that one can achieve flexibility for quick edits and to modify it while your ads are playing their part.

Better Collaboration with Other Marketing Channels

Digital marketing has a comparably lower edge than that of content marketing which has helped in creating a benchmark in a majority of the businesses at the present moment. The PPC model works with collaboration with Google Adwords that can funnel more traffic more quickly and give a boost to Return on Investment (ROI) on the investment that you have made on your content.