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White Label local SEO refers to the services you hire to provide to your customer under your brand name. The local Search Engine Optimization services have shown a significant increase in the Google Search engine. With features like Search for the ’near me’ services, local SEO is the need of the hour for all online businesses. White Label Local SEO Services is the subset of the White Label / private SEO services which offer Search Engine Optimization services to the clients without their brand name.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is the methodology used for ranking the websites in Google which have localized content and geo-targeted words. The business having local regional listings needs local SEO services to get a position in the online marketplace. With the increase in the presence of the internet, local businesses are sorting the local SEO services to get their websites and apps ranked in Google Search engines.

What is White Label Local SEO?


White labeling of the services is nothing but the outsourcing of the SEO services to your clients. And white label SEO services refer to the SEO service that is imparted to the clients of the hired business. When Company A is hired by Company B to offer local SEO services to the clients of Company B, it is called white labeling of local SEO services.

How Does Local SEO work?

The local SEO service helps the local business to reach specific geographic customers with the help of Google searches. They make client content relevant to the local searches to rank on Google. This happens when Google ranks the webpage by pulling information from the local pages and groups relevant to the business. The new ‘near me’ feature in the Google Search Engine shows the local web page depending upon the proximity of the business from the customers, online presence with the geotags, relevance to the search query, and rating of the local business.

New Methodology for Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization service is an ongoing and ever-evolving service. Old outdated techniques do not apply and give results to the clients. However, the new methodology has been applied which is in line with the Google Search Engine policies and optimizes the client’s website accordingly.

Why Do You Need White Label Local Search Engine Optimization?

One of the prime needs for the white label local SEO service is to establish an online presence. In the modern era of consumer awareness, the Internet is the biggest marketplace. Small local retailers, who want to offer services to the customers nearby. White label services ensure that your client’s website is optimized to get proper ranking in the search engines.

To list the business in the local demographic, they must be registered in the Google business. The online presence mostly depends upon the presence of the business in Google Maps. although, it is one of the techniques to rank the local business in the search engine with specific geotags. Partnering with the updated and credible white label Search Engine Optimization service provider is a cost-effective way to optimize your client business without actually providing SEO service to the clients. The company just needs to deal with clients. While hired, an SEO agency looks after the client’s Search Engine Optimization needs.