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It was late in the year 2006-07, internet started booming and people started spending time on social media. Later the growth of adults spending quality time on social Media rise up to 47 per cent which was just 15 per cent in the year 2006. Recently the numbers of adults and the time spent on Social networking sites have drastically improved and it is at the peak. With so much impact of internet, social media and networking, the business marketing strategy have also changed. Most of the business promotions happen on various Social media websites which has larger number of active audiences.

Access to multiple source of information gives them a clear idea –They have numerous websites, blogs, forums and other things to get information and hence people find it easy to learn about the product and services of the company which also gives them a clear idea to proceed further or not!

Communication is easy and it is two way –when a customer needs their doubts to be clarified, their posts on Facebook or Twitter brings a response in not more than one hour. They ask questions and clarify the doubts of others which make it very interesting.

Receive advice from networking sites –There are multiple forms, groups and pages to discuss about various phases of life from shopping to medicine, you can discuss it online and get ideas and suggestions from all parts of the work. Since information is ready with the social media, people tend to ask more doubts and get clarifications from social networking websites.

Outcome of social media exposure for your business!

Fans follow your page
Create a fan following group
Lead generation becomes very easy
Search engine rankings are improved very quickly
Business partnership grows and it becomes stable
Marketing expenses are very less
Sales and profit improves

Though there are lot of advantages and benefits of using social media as a marketing strategy for your business purpose there are few challenges faced.

Tracking and targeting the audiences becomes difficult
Finding the right tool for social media is confusing
Analyzing the Return on Investment is complicated
Engaging audience in the right way becomes tough
Finding out the best way take a long time.

With social media, you can take your business to a great level! Dedication and technology is very important to find out the best way of social media marketing for your website!