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The emergence of advanced internet marketing tools make online business landscape of the day a very interesting arena for products, services and brands wanting to succeed online and make their mark. Effective tools means maximum opportunities reaching out to bigger market that no brick and mortar building can achieve using traditional tools of marketing. On top, this list of marketing tools that brings to you the maximum traffic is- Search.

If someone needs information about buying something new or about any products or service, they rely on what they see first on the search engines. Most of them do not even scroll down on the first page, forget going to the second page which makes web ranking on these search result an important thing to consider.

As an online business owner aiming at building strong online presence, your chances of existence in the virtual marketplace is to rank as high as possible on the top search engines.

How to achieve high ranking?

It all starts with finding the right set of keywords that only focus on your internet marketing campaign. Keywords are the most important SEO element for all search engines, this is what the search strings are matched against and if you are a business owner wanting to succeed in the online world you should never ignore it. But the first question that arises is what are keywords or SEO keywords?

The keywords or SEO keywords are the keywords or phrases in a content that makes it possible for the people to find a website, products or services via search engines. A website that “speaks the same language” as search engines and its potential visitors with SEO keywords is considered to be well optimized and helps connect searches for their website. In other terms, you need to understand how people are searching for a product, service or online information, in order to make it accessible to them. Implementing the right keywords will assist you rank above your competitors.

How keyword plays an important role in SEO?

8 out of 10 people use search engines to find information online. They do it by typing a keyword or a phrase, in reply the search engines complicated set of algorithm searches through the large number of web results analyzed and indexed by “web crawlers or spiders”. The robotic scouts are ideally software which crawls through the content of the web pages that the search engine matches with the key phrase used by the searcher.

This is how keywords play an important role in the process of connecting the targeted viewers with your web content. Your choice of keywords must be targeted to the potential audiences that go through the website – web traffic which converts into consumers. Wrong usage of keywords will only attract traffic and not business.

There are numerous ways to determine which keyword to optimize for and the right sets are decided after a careful analysis. Here are the tips to find the right set of keywords to attract the most potential traffic for your business website:

Selecting the best Keywords & Optimization of the content

Today the web is densely populated with websites; it seems next to impossible to gain top rating for a one word keyword string. Gaining constant top rating with two or three words search string is far more realistic. E.g. If you are a website selling clothes and apparels, do NOT optimize and try keywords like “shirts” or “trousers”, instead use keywords like “organic cotton shirts” or “fashionable khaki trousers”.

The important thing is to come up with key phrase that describes your product or content. You can use website keyword suggestion tools to generate an initial list of keywords that are relevant and globally searched.

Keyword density

Once you have chosen the right set of keywords that describes your services and is supposedly going to interest your visitors, the next important thing is to make your website keyword rich and this is where the term “keyword density” comes into picture. Ideally, the recommended keyword density is 3% – 5% for major keywords and 1% – 2% for minor keywords.

 Keywords in URLs, Images and File Names

Not only the quantity of keywords matter but quality too i.e. if you have keywords in the title of the page, the heading, the first paragraph – it will count more than having keyword at the bottom of the page. Reason being, URL, directory names, files names, images, page title and headings are given relevance than the usual text on the page. Having keyword in the URL with same density as your competitor will hold better on the search results.

The entire URL and the domain name speak a lot about you. However, it is important to have a balance with the URL and the keyword along with the site usability. Having keyword in the page title is important as it gets displayed on the search engines. Though not mandatory for HTML but for SEO tenacity you wouldn’t want to leave the<title> tab blank. Going with the example of “Shirts” the title could be somewhat like this: <title>Get that casual look with organic cotton shirts</title>.

Keywords in headings

When SEO is concerned, it is always good to have as many headings possible; and if they have keyword in them, the better.  Ideally there is no technical word limit for heading in the content <h1>,<h2>, <h3>,…<h6> however too long headings could affect the readability of the content. So, keep the heading of a wise length and choose the appropriate font size.