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The Effectiveness Of SEO in 2018 using Cloudflare

By August 21, 2018January 20th, 2021No Comments

SEO is an important aspect in the development of a modern Internet project. Search engines keep their algorithms secret, resembling a game with unknown rules. Although there are a number of recommendations that can improve the site’s position, SEO is wrapped up in various disinformation, unscrupulous advice and forbidden practices that are not conducive to development, but, on the contrary, putting a cross on the project when violations are discovered.

If you are interested in the concept of SEO and you are faced with various advice, outdated and erroneous opinions, it is better to collect all together and weed out the wrong approaches. Let’s analyze the whole flow of information and determine how to properly develop SEO in 2018.

SEO is dead, long live SEO!

Year after year, the number of practices for improving the SEO parameter is narrowing, and the search algorithms become more intelligent during this time, often focusing on the material itself, rather than on the number of keys and LSI Keywords. Therefore, it is better to follow two rules:

1. Create good content.

2. Do not focus on building text around key phrases.

In addition to the obvious things, there are a number of tactics that can increase the ranking within Google, Yandex and other search engines. This article focuses on optimization in Google, but the principles and tactics are most likely applicable to all existing systems.

Does Cloudflare negatively affect SEO?

In short – no. Answering a similar question, the head of Google’s search engine rankings John Muller replied that CDN works great both with users and with search engines, with the right settings. Similar statistics were published by representatives of Cloudflare, saying that millions of web resources, including SEO agencies, operate with their system.

Can loading time affect the SEO’s rating?

Yes maybe. In 2010, Google publicly stated that speed directly affects the rating. The corporation promotes web resources having a high download speed, ignoring the slow sites in the ranking.

In addition to low search engine rankings, slow site loading leads to poor results. Almost every second user at a subconscious level expects that the page should load in 2 seconds or less, and on the mobile device – in 4 seconds. If the time period exceeds the waiting threshold, 53% of users leave the page.

Important and download speed of the mobile version. Separate studies have shown that if the page exceeds the expected load from 1 to 7 seconds, it will observe up to 113% of the outflow of visitors. Mobile sites that load in 5 seconds or less earn twice as much advertising revenue as those where the download is 19 seconds (the average time of a 3G connection).

To check the performance, there are a number of free tools. A quality test resource is Google’s TestMySite , where you can estimate the number of visitors you lose because of the long time of loading on mobile platforms.

As more and more web traffic continues to migrate to mobile, optimization for gadgets should become a priority. Google announced that since July 2018 mobile download speed will affect the ranking. To learn whether your site is adaptable for the mobile version, you can use the optimization check for mobile gadgets from Google.

Does a simple website affect SEO?


Yes, a simple site can influence SEO. If your site is disabled during the scan, it will be temporarily removed from the search results. As a rule, the rating is returned when the resource is resumed. In case the work does not recover more than 24 hours, it may take several weeks to return to the initial values.

Do not cheat in SEO: a guide, how not to try to raise the site’s ranking

Of course, everyone likes to win, but playing not by the rules, you can suffer consequences. Websites that try to circumvent Google’s recommendations in an attempt to deceive the search algorithm may eventually pay for their decision. Here are a few important things that need to be avoided .

Spam in comments from users – sometimes sections where comments are not moderated, can be used by detractors for spam ads with links. Ignoring such publications, you underestimate the quality of content and can be fined.

Backlinks – while the reciprocal exchange of links with respected sources is a legitimate tactic, excessive use of such a technique is not. It is worthwhile to avoid immediately a large package of links in an attempt to increase attendance by artificially increasing PageRank.

Input page or doorway – use specially optimized pages to lift up the search engine for specific requests, redirecting visitors to another site or page – a tempting strategy, but unsafe. This can lead to a loss of rank.

Scrambling content – in an attempt to artificially fill your site with content, some take the material of authoritative sources and call their own. In addition to the fact that the Panda algorithm will mark the site as not conscientious, plagiarism of content can lead to a fine and subsequent removal from the search results.

Content scraping is a trick when the user is secretly redirected from the result he expected to something else. It also happens when the full version of the site leads to the intended page, and the smartphone – to full-screen advertising.

Cloaking or masking is an attempt to show different content to Google’s search bot and users. When masking for one query, the algorithm will be redirected to one version of the site, and the user to another.

ATTENTION: The use of these fraudulent techniques can ultimately lead to a complete loss of status, rank, and position in the search engine!

With the right settings, Cloudflare helps to rank and promote. Thanks to its tools – both in the free and in the paid version – you can significantly improve your position in the search engine.