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There are different forms of online marketing campaign that can be performed by a digital marketing or SEO agency.  There is Search Engine Marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing, all of which need time and effort in order to fully understand each one.  The growth of social media and its impact on society over the past few years is undeniable and is evident in every area of life.  It is the perfect way to connect with your audience, and it is also less expensive compared to the traditional form of marketing, which means the potential ROI’s are very attractive.  However, there is just too many social media platform to choose from.  Even the most experienced marketing professionals are finding it hard to track the latest trends on all these platforms, simply because they are all constantly changing. Think of how often your phone updates with various things; social media is like this. It is constantly evolving.

However, because social media is always changing, it means there are always new ways to take advantage of it, particularly from a marketing point of view. Here are some expert hacks on how to make the most from social media marketing:

Video Content

With the different innovation in network connectivity and programs, video content will be bigger than ever in 2017, probably the most popular form of content. When it comes to online platforms for on-demand video, the likes of Netflix and YouTube is still in the lead way by quite some margin. One of the biggest rises in online marketing has been using these channels to advertise your product or service. Not only can you take advantage of the advertising options on offer, you can also use them to produce some amazing videos.  Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab have made these video social. With Facebook, scrolling down any news feed will allow you to find a large number of videos from hundreds and thousands or sources, firmly proving that video con tent is key in this day in age.  Different marketers are now starting to understand that a video does not necessarily have to be a high-budgeted film in order to reach the audience, just simply tailored correctly.

Go Mobile

Aside from the unstoppable popularity of social media sites, the use handheld gadgets like smartphones in accessing social media are also becoming popular and has been now for some years.  This is a fact that has been translated through the latest changes implemented by the search engine sites.  Bing and Google are currently prioritising websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly over those which aren’t mobile optimised. Not only is now the right time to look at video content and social media channels, it is also key to make sure your website is fully optimised for mobile devices. The popularity of mobile apps such as Snapchat and Instagram has also increased in recent time, which make them an appealing platform for marketers and brands.

Avoid Doing Everything

When you start looking a social media marketing, it is definitely tempting to join all social media platforms hoping that you will be able to attract a considerable number of followers.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and if you go down this route, you will soon find yourself overwhelmed by how much time and effort you will need to spend on each channel. There is a reason why digital marketing agencies have specific people working purely on social media for clients.You need to start on at least 1 or 2 social media sites and build your presence on those platforms first, before diversifying out on to other channels. Digital marketing agencies are recommending that you start to study the behavior of your targeted audience before you decide which site is ideal for you.  There are lots of tools and software at your disposal to conduct a proper market research.  It can help you to find which sites are preferred by your targeted market.

Finally, you need to make your marketing tactics focused.  The successful campaigns of major brands and companies are due to the fact that they keep their efforts focused in order to target a particular audience, rather than just producing content with the aim to attract every person. This won’t work.

Instead of convincing a huge audience that will never be interested in your product, you need to direct all your efforts to something that will bring your rewarding result. Aiming your content at a large audience will not have any benefits. Finding your specific audience is not very hard. If you look at Facebook as an example, you can aim your content at certain countries, age ranges, people who have certain interests and more. You can really drill down into exactly the audience that will get engagement to your brand.