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Facebook is one of the favorite social media throughout the world. We can connect with our friends and family through Facebook. Other than this we can also get connected through the world when you would like to show your products to across the globe. The Facebook traffic is organic and is used more widely to market your products to reach the entire globe. The content on Facebook engages the users. But it has seen a huge downfall from the past year says the study.

But you can boost your Facebook page engagement when you follow simple and proven ways that have worked for many of people.

Here is a list of simple ways to boost your Facebook page engagement. Follow these tips and analyze which one works for you fine.

Focus on Quality

To reach the audience fuller, we tend to post more. But it is the reason behind the fall. Keep an eye on the quality instead of quantity. Post less frequently, like 2-3 times a day instead of posting more than 5 times a day.

If you post great content ofttimes maintaining quality, don’t panic, it is for the one who posts with minimum quality.

Post at The Proper Time

Check when the fans are online and post your content at the time. Ideally, it is early afternoon at one time. But every brand has certain own perfect time slots to post your content. Check for the maximum traffic time and post straight away maintaining quality.

Create Facebook Specific Content

The users of different social media differ, so do the content should be altered according to the users. The same post may not work on every platform. The content remains the same though, but the headings should be altered for the specific media.

Try Videos

The content with text reaches the audience less when compared to videos. It is advisable to make a video of what you would like to convey the users of your product through a video. The Facebook-specific videos are 478% more engaging than YouTube links according to a survey. Square videos reached more audience than landscape videos. Do not forget to add captions to the video as over 93% of the videos play in mute mode.

Be specific

It is advised to pay attention to what kind of posts get more response from your audiences like comments, likes and shares. Make your posts simple, short, engaged and clickable to reach a more targeted audience, which brings more organic traffic to your website.

Ask Questions

There is nothing wrong in questioning your targeted audience. Even it engages them and they tend to click more when you ask them questions. It brings them to wait a second to check your post. This brings you traffic automatically as they respond to your post through comments. More comments and likes or shares means more traffic. Engage them with creative content sort of asking boring questions.

Drive Traffic From Other Sources

Ask your other social media fans to look up to your Facebook page, share Facebook page links through other media. Display your Facebook page on your blogs as it will bring ardent readers to visit your Facebook page.

All the above-mentioned ways or tips may not work for every user. Please check which one is more beneficial and try to improve in that manner to increase more organic traffic to your page.