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From Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird to Rank Brain, there is no stopping Google to launch new algorithms for better a user experience. The impact of updates has shaken the marketing industry and so do our expert marketers. As we all are about to say Goodbye to 2017 and move on to 2018, a significant game change is going to be noticed for the websites in the upcoming year. This is because of the current SEO scenario that has made marketers think this way. If you don’t want your website to get affected by the new SEO trends in 2018, you need to modify your existing website.

Here are a few SEO trends that you need to take into consideration in order to bring your website in the good books of Google –

Voice Search – Simplifying the Search Process

With the need to provide best user experience, Google has simplified the search option by introducing the voice search method. This means that instead of typing the keyword like the ‘best Chinese restaurant’, the voice search helps find the exact need of the customer which is like the ‘nearest Chinese restaurant for hakka noodles’. All in all, a conversational method has been promoted to make the searching process easy and human-like.

AMP – Speeding the Delivery of Content

With the launch of ‘mobilegeddon’ update on April 21, 2015, Google favored websites that were mobile friendly and boosted their ranking on search results. And with the launch of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) in 2016, Google favored the mobile friendly content.Thus, a website with minimum loading speed and delivering content to users at a minimum time were ranked on top search engine result pages.

Video Posting – Providing Content to Users in an Attractive Way

Visuals tend to convey the message in a better way than text. Keeping this factor in mind, Google has boosted websites who are emphasizing on video content. After all, no reader would like to read the long content when there is an option to see a video.

Secure Domain – Providing Greater Prominence on SERPs

Websites with secured domain called HTTPs tag are likely to rank better in search engine result pages as compared to those who are not.

Social Media Platforms – A New SEO Ranking Strategy

With the increasing use of social media platforms, businesses have not only benefited in terms of increasing their online visibility, but it has also improved their ranking on SERPs.

RankBrain – Making Search Process Easy

To fasten the process of search queries, Google launched RankBrain. It was the integration of machine learning with webpage indexing.

After reading the aforementioned search engine optimization trends, you must have got an idea about each trend that would help you improve your website ranking in 2018. So, make a smart move if you want to see your business move ahead of the curve. Hiring of trusted and experienced marketers is the most optimal way to get quality of search engine optimization services.