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With the world growing and expanding with every passing second, holding a grip in the virtual world has become a task. Not only it requires constant attention and feedback but great media tactics to tap all the possible threats in growing a business. After all, online world is the new space for potential audience and tapping into their field and interest becomes the prior most thing for any firm- big or small.

All of these situations can be easily handled by customizing the business prosthetics and introducing your firm to the concept of online transformations. Nothing in this world comes easier. But there’s nothing more easier and mind tracking than introducing e- marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization. Digital marketing is the new trend and for any company to grow and succeed, their digital presence is of utmost importance.

How do you measure that your brand is actually a brand for your customers? It was difficult, but not anymore. All you need to do is measure your online strength and the data delivers the result. So is it difficult to make your online presence visible? Absolutely not. A firm simply needs to work on their online rating that is, their google ranking through which their targeted customers would reach out to them. This search engine optimization is what keeps a brand growing in popularity and money.

Here’s a SEO checklist for 2017 to transform your website and make it SEO friendly.

What’s the protocol? (HTTP & HTTPS)

If your company is still using http protocol and you have still not upgraded, then check and recheck. This might limit your security functions and bring down the company’s liabilities and Google has confirmed that this is a ranking signal.

What is the registration span?

If your website registration is comes under an year span, you are definitely hinting google about being casual regarding your business. To have a longer and firm digital grip, exceed the span to at least two years or more.

Let Google do the Analytics  (Google Analytics)

Do you want to take a chance on increasing your online presence? If not then it is better to install google analytics. This gives google a significant understanding of the kind of audience polled in by the website and this might boost up the ranking as well.

User friendly is the key

Your website needs to be user friendly. If not then there’s no need to of even coming up with a website. Because if a website cannot be easily traced by a user, it’s existence is pointless. So keep it simple and keep it friendly. To avoid poor user experience, Keep the website structure and navigation simple, neat and clean.

Responsive Website Digital trance as moved a step ahead and switched from systems and laptops to mobiles in a humongous. Therefore an active mobile version or responsive website is important for a company to grow. Even Google says it!

URL Structure

You website name is indicated by the URL you choose. Make sure it is captivating and most importantly short. Dashes work more than the underscores in most cases.

Keep Your Page Count High

If your website has a lesser page count than 5, then assume that website is already dead. The Google ranking quite highly depends on the number of pages your website holds.

Segment Your Pages Well

The viewers presume what they see. Hence it is important to keep a clear and structured About Us page and the Contact page to come across as a professional and ascertain your digital reputation.

• Robots.txt

This file will tell the search engines crawler which pages and files to crawl and which to ignore. It’s important to add pages in this file, so that crawler won’t crawl them.

Term & Policy and Privacy Policy Page

All legitimate business websites have these pages. If you want, Google take your business or website seriously you had better have them as well.

Schema Tags

Having Microformats in website take you one step close to 1st page ranking. Microformats is a code markup that structures data so search engines can better understand the information on webpages.

Backlinks from High Quality Websites

It is true that one quality link is far better than hundreds of junk links. So, You want link from trusted websites that have a high MozTrust or TrustFlow, Domain Authority & Page Authority.