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What is Off Page Optimization?

We all know that Off page optimization plays a crucial role in increasing the volume of traffic to a website or a blog or any other written content by the improvement of the search engine rankings. Off page optimization is essentially the measures taken or the techniques applied outside the actual website for the improvement of its position in terms of search rankings. This process is more effectively known as a link building since it is mainly associated with getting links to the website, blog or online content.

Basic Techniques of Off Page Optimization

The primary techniques that are used for off page optimization are as mentioned below.

Social Networking – In the current world of social media networking, getting involved in the networking sites plays a crucial step towards the advertisement of the online content and building up of effective links.

Blog Submissions – Writing of blogs on a regular basis is one of the best techniques of off page optimization which promotes the website and gives the people a reason to return to the website regularly to be up to date.

Blog Advertising – It becomes very important to post comments on other blogs that lies within the same genre that allows adding a website link in the section of comments. These links can be extremely effective in drawing crowd to the stated website since the links can be crawled by various search engines.

Forum Marketing – This is another important technique of off page optimization, which includes searching for the online forums that are related to the website and thereby getting involved within that community.Active participation is of utmost importance here. This is done by providing answers to questions of others, replying to threads etc.

Search Engine Submission – It is extremely important to submit the website or the online content to the well-known and popular search engines for speeding up of the searching process by the search engines.

Directory Submission – Another popular technique of off page optimization that increases the chances of people visiting the website is directory submission. However, the selection of those directories should be efficient enough for yielding the maximum effect. Thus, careful attention is required for the submission of directories.

Link Baiting – Link baiting is a technique which is extremely helpful in the promotion of websites. If the website content is unique, then other people might want to link it. In this manner, one person gives a reference link for other site and the process is carried on, which in turn increases the popularity of the links. This is actually a mutually beneficial relationship.

Photo and Video Sharing–It may often happen that viewers might not be interested or have enough patience to read the texts of the content. This calls for an addition of attractive images and videos, which could be very helpful in attracting a volume of traffic to the website.

Questions and Answers – Answering questions on several sites like Yahoo Answers that is related to one’s website or content can result in building up of the reputation of the website owner which in turn creates a source of attraction to the website.