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It was late in the year 2011, Google released its Panda 4.0 update which was helping the users to get good quality search results. The reason behind the update was to provide good quality of information to the search results. After the initial update, Google have processed more updates in order to improve the quality of the web contents. The small businesses and poor website faced a lot of trouble due to the panda 4.0 update and since then, they have been working closely to provide better content and good page ranking for their website.

Business owners and technical team has found a lot of methods to keep their websites away from penalty.Google panda update targets spammed links and the business owners started removing spam links which helped them to get good organic ranks for their websites. The latest update by Google is the Panda 4.2 which will take few months to update and it will take more time for your website to get updated and get a good panda score. Those websites who faced issues related to Google ranking have noticed good ranking and improvement in the website but the happiness lasted only for few days as the webmasters found the page ranking to go down after few days leaving them in loss.

How long does it take for the Google Panda 4.2 update?

It is one of the slowest ever update provided by Google and it is going to take several days and moths for the update to roll out completely.

Is there a reason behind such slow update?

Though there is no specific reason for the slowness of the update, Google is trying to change the schedule of the website successfully using core ranking. The infrastructure of the update has been changed and there will be a gradual increase in the speed very soon.

Is it going to affect the whole website or just the pages- This update happens page by page so it is easy for the pages to recover soon. This update does not affect the website on a whole but just concentrates on page by page.

Is your website affected by Panda 4.2?

If your website and business is hit due to Panda 4.2 update. You need to wait for several months for the entire rollout to complete and a new rollout begins which can be in 2016. In order to have a successful website, you need to keep updating your content and blogs with the latest topic again and again!