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Important Things to Know to Conduct An SEO Content Audit?

By October 6, 2017January 20th, 2021No Comments

Google has thrown hundreds of changes at marketers over the last couple of years. The updates were from Google’s algorithm to voice search and much, much more. All the changes follow the Google’s main objective of building the best search experience for its users. If users are happy then everything would be good for sure. It is not just Google, which see the user experience first, but also other major search engines like Yahoo, Bing or MSN look the matter in the same way. The more you see the experience of users the more you benefits more the website. And, your website’s content is the thing that you need to see, unique, search engine friendly and authentic at the same time.

Content Audit is the Cornerstone of SEO

Content value in SEO

When you done the content properly, it helps you in several ways. If you want to appeal to both search engines and users at the same time, you will be benefitted. A brand or a website must evaluate on the basis of content by way of an audit, yes that is content audit. A content audit will work and help you determine where to improve, how to improve and what are the things for which you need to hire a specialist to look into the matter. It is said that a website content audit is one of the most important things, sometimes called a cornerstone of your entire content strategy. Let us see how to do a content audit that helps your website increase rank boost user experience.

You can start with a great content audit tool. These types of content audit tools would be helpful for your to understand the entire things you need for audit.

Create an excel document, this type of document will be helpful for you to understand to do the content audit for all purpose needs.

Take a look on every page of your content and the audit you have done with. Yes we are asking you each and every page.

Check the spelling, errors in grammar and other issues if there is or are any in your content.

Check the keywords you need to target with the relevant and the niche you have fixed to. If you have not targeted the keywords, do them immediately.

Most of the companies follow this type of strategy that has been mentioned here.

Try to publish new content four times a month, you can do more but this is the minimum we have given here.

Optimize the meta tags, title, meta titles meta descriptions and more that are needful for total content optimization.

Re-optimize at least six pieces of content at least in a month, so that you can do it on a random basis.

Do not forget to re-optimize the content every after 3 months, though over optimization is not at all good, so we are suggesting you to do that every after 3 months or 4 times in a year.

When you have done the content audit in a good way or right manner, it would be relevant to your strategy and that strategy would be helpful for you to understand what will you be needing to have in your further strategy. It is said that a website content audit is one of the most important things, sometimes called a cornerstone of your entire content strategy. A content audit can help you identify the issues with accuracy, consistency, voice as well as tone. They will also help you provide the right direction for search engine optimization.