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SEO is critical to every business to reach their target audience effectively without a hefty investment. Local SEO is just as vital for businesses with a brick and mortar store to attract local customers while promoting based on the location. Local SEO is not only helpful to lead potential customers to your business website but subsequently to your physical store. With the help of a reliable SEO company in Chandigarh, you can take advantage of the information aggregated from Google Analytics to fetch the data and evaluate patterns in traffic, rise in links and traffic while increasing in return on investment. Here is a list of important parameters to measure how well local SEO activities are performing towards the desired ROI:

Utilization of Google Search Console:

Watch closely to click-through rate. With the help of a dedicated expert team, a top SEO company in Chandigarh will analyze the number of clicks on the targeted keywords and compare it with the previous results. This evaluation would describe the fact that the prospective customers are clicking through your website. If you do not get to see any improvements, you need to rewrite Meta tags.

Pay Attention to Search Queries:

It is crucial to constantly monitor search queries that are generating traffic to your website. You need to look closely for changes. If you do not get to see substantial improvements in the ranking, an uptick in traffic from a particular phrase can show the SEO effort are performing.

Monitor Ranking On Search Engines:

You need to constantly track any changes in ranking for the targeted keywords. If you get to track a major change in ranking, then your SEO efforts are offering you a decent return on investment. Ranking changes would likely increase slowly display the results, but the progress is being made.

Utilization of Google My Dashboard:

With the help of Google dashboard, you would be able to monitor the listings to find out the results generating from Map Pack. Google dashboard displays the data of 90 days to track the historic trends.

Track Calls from Prospects Using Schema:

With the assistance of your call tracking software, you could connect with website analytics and measure the conversion. You need to code the business phone number on your website using schema while tracking the local citations to ensure the numbers are not being fetched elsewhere. If calls from a specific number are performing better, then your efforts are working.

Return on investment in Local SEO can be observed in many other ways. It is critical to look at the overall scenario to target several metrics to assess the performance. Selecting only one metric can deviate the results. Therefore, make the most of your digital marketing investment with an experienced knowledgeable, and expert SEO Company in Chandigarh.