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Traffic is very important if you have an online business. However, Google makes it very difficult to achieve a higher rank and more visibility. SEO expert and marketing Agencies make all the effort to grab better rankings. As a result, you might fall prey to certain violations that can end up imposing penalties on your website.

With more than 400000 manual actions initiated by the SEO Agencies and worldwide, there are numerous websites that are widely penalized by Google every day. Manual algorithm penalty is commonly imposed by Google. Many websites are getting punished by algorithms updates like Penguin and Panda. Don’t worry; you can recover the lost rankings even after Google has troubled you a lot –

How To Know If You Have Been Penalized?

When there is a sudden decrease in the traffic rate, you should know that Google has penalized you. Google can either penalize you by spamming your website or simply imposing an algorithm penalty. You need to initiate the manual action to find out the new notification from the end of Google. In case there no warning messages from Google, you can do a little more research on why Google not enlisting your website well.

An algorithmic penalty is yet another type of Google penalty that can make you lose your traffic suddenly. Panda is amongst the most popular algorithmic update that provides all the information regarding SEO and traffic drop down.

Here are a few ways that will help you to overcome Google penalty conveniently

● Poor Backlink Can Be The Reason

Low-quality backlink can create a threat for your ranking. A website that has been banned by Google particularly identified to have poor backlinks support. If you have a backlink for any particular website that is violating Google’s guidelines, prefer to remove that backlink.

● Improper Content

Content with Plagiarism or duplicity can be the reason why your traffic has suddenly dropped. You should avoid having backlinks from a website that have poor content quality. In fact, your website should also contain unique and high-quality content to rank better.

● Advertorial

Google is absolutely against the sponsored content for promoting your blog or services. Make sure you keep such elements away if you don’t want to affect your ranking on Google. If you really want to promote your website then better use a no flow attribute for your links to be on safer side.

• Websites With Less Content

If your website is getting backlinks from directories or social bookmarking sites, that too can affect your site’s ranking. Since these types of websites have less content and backlinks from these kinds of sites are of low quality.

• Sites Not Related To Your Niche

Since Google gives very much importance to relevancy. If you have backlinks from the sites which are not related to your niche can create trouble for you. For example, if you own cosmetic store online, there would be no sense of getting a backlink from a knitting website.

Maximum of the websites facing Google penalty is identified with a backlink profile. Therefore the moment your traffic drop, you should first of all pay attention to the backlink and content quality.

Working Ways To Overcome Google Penalty

Generate An Email For Link Removal

If you wish to increase the traffic rate once again, use your company’s email address and send an email to the owner of the website. Try to remain specific about the issue and request them to remove your all backlinks in a gentle way. Do not send multiple requests but write one proper email having substantiality in words. This will help them understand your concern.

Duplicate Content

The primary goal of Google is to assist users in getting the best possible information. Therefore, if the users get the same thing all over again on Google search pages, it will automatically make you feel frustrated. Google tries to remove such instances by spamming the duplicate content that shows up similar info. A website that add no value to Google search results are eradicated from the first page. Choose only those contents that have real ideas and unique approach.

If your backlinks belong from an unauthorized website or low-quality poor content, there is a huge possibility for Google to impose a penalty on your website.

Penalty Indicator

There can be any random problem why Google has imposed a penalty on your website. It is simply impossible to analyze every action taken upon your website from the past few years. Therefore, choose a personality indicator to find out what is exactly happening to your website. The fast and worthwhile tool would help you to find out the major algorithm changes.

Remove Black Hat SEO Technique

Using Black hat techniques can end up receiving a penalty from Google. Paid links, spam comments, duplicate content, cloaking are some of the main reasons why the Black hat SEO technique just don’t work. White hat SEO not only improves your ranking but also benefit your site and business in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

The best way of removing any penalty is to know what caused it. There are many websites which have recovered successfully from all types of penalty caused by Google. You will be notified from Google If in case it is a manual penalty. Also, the letter would explain the exact reason for the traffic drop down. However, if the problem is unidentifiable, it would be better to use the penalty indicator tools. That is the main reason we suggest you read Google Webmaster’s guidelines. You can download all the links from webmaster tools and later study the links using the best SEO tools available. Once you know the reason of your penalty, you need to remove those backlinks that have dropped your rankings and disown the once you cannot remove. Also, always put unique and high-quality content on your site and prefer to get backlinks from the high-quality sites only..