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Google Adwords and PPC can increase leads and customers to your business. They are used by millions of business and websites all over the world. These powerful tools are very fast-acting and are cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and drive quality traffic to your site, which further boosts your sales and conversion.

What is PPC and Benefits of a Strong Campaign?

Pay per Click or PPC is a method of advertising that is used to attract traffic to the website in which an advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. But the difference comes in with the payment mode, instead of having a set amount for remuneration you pay the publisher only when the advertisement is clicked on. Small business owners can get great advantages from Pay Per Click if their campaign is well managed.

PPC proves to be more cost efficient if the campaigns are properly managed and connect you directly with your targeted audience. Search Engine Advertising is one of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click.

Google Ads


Google Adwords or Ads are mainly Google’s online advertising platform for businesses wish to show their ads on Google and its advertising network. Being a paid service, you can use Google Ads to bring your website on the top for specific keywords and an advertiser has to pay only when their ad is clicked.


CPC mainly refers to the actual price that you pay for a click in your PPC campaigns. Maximum CPC is when you set to determine the highest amount that you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.

Quality Score

Quality score is Google rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, ad text, and landing pages experience. More the quality score of the ads more will be its impressions which would result in more clicks and more conversions.

Ad Rank

Adrank is basically an underlying concept which determines your Ad’s position. It is Google’s algorithms. Higher ad ranks result in better ad position and lesser cost per click. While lower the ad rank means lower position and higher cost per click. Although Ad rank is not visible to us but here is ad rank formula:

Ad rank= Cost Per Click * Quality Score

Top PPC campaigns can help in better ROI in a short span of time. It particularly depends upon the online promotional method selected by the company. Pay Per Click is an amazing tool to target the required audience and create an online presence. Great PPC management takes a lot more than consistent efforts; it takes strategy to make it successful.

The simplified model is commonly selected by online businesses because of greater comprehensiveness and workability. In other words, you just need to run a short ad on your website and it will be paid according to the number of people who click upon the ad. There are several pays per click platforms like Bing and Google search. However, there are Agencies that can add on to your efficiency and help you to earn a few more bucks.

While choosing the right Pay Per Click agency, there are some considerations that you should follow before picking up the right agency for your exact needs.

Is PPC the Right Decision For Your Business Right Now?

If you’re driving a new initiative or you are new to Pay Per Click, we suggest you don’t rush in. PPC agencies will want to convince you of their merits but it may not be the right move for your business at a particular moment. You need to be cautious of a few things before you make your mind. Is your niche so small that few people will be looking for what you’re selling? Do you have the budget necessary to be successful? Have you conducted competitive research?

It is very crucial that you set some expectations realistically? Go for agencies which have hands-on experience and showcase their work.

PPC is Part of a Broader Digital Strategy

How will it fit in with the other marketing elements? Getting maximize Returns are all about initiating an approach that is integrated with the other elements in your marketing plan, using the most appropriate methods to reach and engage different audiences, and being agile enough to adapt these methods over time.

A PPC specialist agency focuses only on Pay Per Click. But they won’t ensure your messages are consistent across different marketing channels, look at where you’re getting the best Return on Investment or more specific approaches like optimizing your content for search engines. This can drive up your costs over time, spending too much on PPC traffic and not enough on organic traffic.

What Kind of Working Relationship Do You Want With Your Agency Partner?

It is very important to decide on the type of working relationship you are looking for with your agency partner. First, you need to understand your work culture. What kind of work culture you practice – process driven or more reactionary?

If your culture is dynamic and your team able to move on a dime, you will expect this same responsiveness from your agency. It is better to have realistic expectations. Pick the one with authenticity over low priced rates.

What should the process look like?

We know how much PPC is efficient in driving traffic on your sales page. With the help of best of PPC agency, you can build up more traffic the best combination of tactics. PPC agency can target website management according to particular devices which are used by maximum people. For instance, the maximum of the people might be using tablets for executing the search result. Also, it is important to find out how many people remain active during day and night. With the correct analytical methods used by best of PPC agency, You can look out for better chances and opportunities. PPC Agencies organize flash sale and seasonal special offers which immediately grab attention.

Here are a set of questions that you should probe because there are differences in what is offered you, the client:

Who owns the AdWords account?

You, the client, should be the owner. Of course, you should also have access to the AdWords account.

What is your frequency of communication?

At least monthly.

What level of reporting will you as the client receive?

You should be getting detailed information on how your campaign is performing.

What certifications should your PPC agency have?

They and/or their PPC team should be Google Adword Certified Partner.


A great agency carries out work on key elements of a successful campaign. They advise with regard to campaign strategy. This involves research using sophisticated specialized tools, to understand the competitive landscape, PPC keywords and search queries. Once the strategy is in place, the campaigns and landing pages must be developed, the ads and ad copy. Then once launched there is daily work on conversion rate optimization, data analysis, fine tuning and adjustments to build campaign performance.

And lastly, think about your SEO because paid search should be part of this. If you’re also looking for an SEO partner, consolidating the two to a single agency often leads to more and better collaboration.

Think long term for best results.