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In a recent research, it is identified by the webmasters that most of the internet users have started using mobile devices to access websites and webpages. 84% of the internet access is through smartphones. The numbers of people who use laptops and desktop computer have drastically reduced due to the usage of smart phones and mobile devices. Due to the increase in the number of searches and views through mobile devices rather than desktop and laptop PC’s Google had decided the ranking update.

What is the Google Ranking all about?

Due to the increased number of views and searches through smart phones and hand held devices, Google have updated their search engine ranking for those websites that are mobile friendly. The websites with mobile friendly access gets a great ranking rather than the websites that does not support mobile friendly versions. It is noticed that more than 1.4 Billion users around the world have started using handheld devices, smart phones and mobile devices to access internet.

What is the impact of this Google Ranking update?

It has a huge impact on both small scale and large scale business as the website owners have to update their website that will be available for mobile devices. Those websites that does not have mobile friendly optimization will be least ranked and hence their visibility is a huge drawback. People have started using mobile to search for quick information and thus mobile friendly sites play a major role in contributing the search engine rankings.
The normal website that are created works well on computers but when it comes to mobiles, it needs additional features so, due to the latest Google update, every business have to update their websites to a mobile friendly one so that their websites are optimized. Mobile friendly webpages should not have too much navigation as it might be difficult to use them in the small device.

It’s time for every business to start opting for mobile friendly websites

Mobile technology is the latest technology and it is necessary for every business owner to update their skills that would match up with the recent technology so that they can stand for a longer duration. For a successful business, mobile friendly websites are mandatory as webmasters have identified that there is a great increase in the number of smart phone users across the world. There are many things to be considered for a proper business growth.

What should a company know about the Google update?

They have to analyse the behavior of the customers and viewers and collect information about the number of people who access their website through mobile devices and smartphones. They have to optimize the website with location and address so that it can grab new customers.