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Few months back, you might have noticed a huge change in the search engine rankings and it is nothing but the algorithm update, the new Google Phantom update released by Google which was mobile friendly. Why does everyone panic about the phantom update? It was an update that was not informed and Google is not ready to admit it but later they had to confirming that it is not going to make any big changes.  Those who have quality information and content on your website need not worry about the phantom update as it targets only low quality contents and pages. If you are doing a good job with the quality of content, carry on with the same to increase the traffic to your website.

What should you target on?

This is not the first time Google is trying to update their algorithm, so there is no need to panic. Google is working to provide quality contents to their users and they keep updating their algorithm periodically to provide good contents to its readers. If you are working towards producing quality work to your readers, proceed with the same as you will not see drastic changes in your page ranking for quality articles that your provide. If you find a decrease in organic searches, it means you need to work on the SEO of you page.

How do you improve the quality of content to improve ranking?

When you publish content, you have to think about meeting the requirements of a user. Though no one has the correct idea about the features that Google is looking for, here are few things that are constantly concentrated on.

Say no to duplicate contents
Create strong, useful and meaningful contents
Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical error – concentrate on quality
Make your contents user friendly – Avoid too many advertisements
Build trust with the contents that you post
Give appropriate and proper information to the users – Avoid false and wrong information

The update is all about the content!

The latest phantom update concentrates on providing ranking to each site based on the contents.  Google is trying to get rid of the websites with poor contents and low quality pages which will lead to decrease in organic traffic. Search engine is looking for error free, quality and trustworthy contents which will improve the ranking of the website. Online marketing is becoming famous and you have to have a website that is on the top listing to gain more users and customers.  Don’t forget to check the ranking of your website as you may not even be aware of it. If your website it affected, try new ideas and strategy to make it up!