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Sponsored posts and Display advertising has been a topic of debate over the years. While the majority of the people use display advertising as their primary weapon for attracting traffic, the sponsored posts also have some impressive benefits which many businesses don’t know about.

Why Though?

If we see towards the average display click concerning rate, it is considerably low. Also, the average rate concerning every format is a mere 0.05 percent which is quite low at any business level.

Since the Ad blocking software is gaining popularity, due to which some clicks which were able to generate revenues get blocked in no span of time. Just like any stuff, Display advertising also comes with some of its pros and Cons.

Display Advertising is of great use when it comes to the generation of a huge traffic and reverts the customers to their last visited websites. Using banner ads can be a robust marketing strategy for such types of causes.

According to research conducted by Criteo, re-marketing can boost in sales by 30 to 70 percent which is quite a magnificent thing for any business. With such strategies, many companies have achieved huge ranks and profits and are growing at a faster pace in this cut-throat competitive world.

But, even remarketing cannot bring you a whole new chunk of visitors to your website. As a result of which, only the potential customers will be able to buy your services and those new visitors, who will attract them to buy your products and services? Well, that is a big drawback of remarketing.

Advertising Vs. Sponsored Content


Many businesses are still under confusion when it comes to a differentiation between Advertising and Sponsored Content.

Native advertising is often described as an expansion to the advertising umbrella which allows displaying different ads with relevant posts in between various site contents.

Unlike Native advertising, Sponsored content is statured to a fixed amount of audience only and for your chosen sites. Sponsored content does require a sense of acknowledgment, but if you push a product right from its introduction part, anyone could visit your site which can be beneficial for your business.

How to select a perfect site for your sponsored posts

The very first step is to refer your competitor sites. There are few tools available on the Internet such as Ahrefs and Majestic to do so. After you have got such sites, check whether these sites get any amount of organic traffic or not. In either case, if that website is getting referral traffic instead, congratulations, you have found your advertising platform.

Evaluating results from sponsored posts

With any paid traffic, measuring results from sponsored posts is said to be an essential part of traffic generation. Further, do in-depth research on site views, visitors to get a clear picture of the current scenario.

To get complete information, use SimilarWeb and generate a free report which will show you every minute detail of the visitors who visits your websites and their addressable countries.

Being said that, keep in mind that the sponsored post does require a lot more conversation process than display advertising. Thus, it is a good idea to study both strategies and find which one suits you best and can generate massive revenues for your business.