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Be it any website of any ranking, SEO has become mandatory for people who want to rank higher in their business rankings and take their business to the next level. SEO’s have a variety of terms of which one is the technical SEO. The Technical SEO is usually termed as any websites skeleton. Anything which will grow on the bones will have an effect on their shaping criteria.

For your convenience, here are the most common mistakes in SEO which adversely affects the Website performance.

1. Crawl-ability and Site Structure

All of your rigorous efforts are only effective till the search engines have an access to your web pages. With Googlebot, they have to search and crawl in each page of your website before it can appear in SERP’s. Any error at this stage can make whole of your process complete messily and all of your efforts will surely go in vain.

Crawl-ability and Site Structure you should be avoiding

• Links and Redirects

It is not a new thing that every other website has link errors which result in failure of the whole website working. Also, some of the errors are present in loops and redirect chains which are many harmful issues.

The biggest issue usually occurs in the internal links whereas nearly 30 percent of the websites have broken links.

Also, a deep attention has to be paid to 4XX an error which is a part of 26.5 percent websites.

• Sitemap and Robots.txt

Although a majority of the sites perform well when it comes to robot.txt or sitemap but still, some of the issues are quite severe.

In this, check whether there are any format errors in your sitemap.xml files which is affecting nearly 14 percent of websites in which the robots.txt also share an equal share in the process.

2. On-Page SEO

Now, it is time to see through the individual pages which are the main aim behind On-Page SEO. This Area is the highest amount of importance to your web pages.

On-Page SEO Errors to Look for


Content is the main factor for ranking on any website. According to estimation, 66% of the websites have a number of duplicate content which can decrease the ranking of that particular website.

About 94% of WebPages have a low text-to-HTML ratio. While this issue’s severity is a little low but still it will be considered as an error.

75% of the web pages have a low word count. This is a minor error and a user should include at least 250 words per page to make it look natural.

In addition, a look at metadata, titles, H1 tags and Images should also be taken into consideration.

3. Technical SEO

The cost of any mistake in the technical SEO can make you go bankrupt. Traffic and Revenue largely depends on the following Technical SEO factors

• Page Speed

According to a report, more than 20 percent of websites have a slower page load speed. It is an issue having higher severity and can affect any sites ranking to a significant level.

• Old technology

Don’t expect search engines to accept older technologies like Flash Content and Iframes are issues which are severe and do appear in some of the websites.


For making your website appear among the top rankings, you should follow certain rules and tackle some mistakes from their roots for maximizing the gains, popularity and a higher level of satisfaction from your website.