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An search engine optimization campaign is a part of most businesses’ online marketing plan. But, there are some common SEO myths that cause confusion and misunderstanding among business owners. This can damage your SEO campaign. Some of these myths are –

Link building is finished – Due to recent changes in search engine optimization (mostly due to Google algorithm updates), most people believe that link building is finished. But, this is just a misconception. This old technique is far from over. It has just seen some major changes in past few years. Now, quality weighs over the quantity of links. Link building is still an essential technique used by numerous businesses all around the world.

Highly searched keywords ensure good ranking in SERPs – Most business owners believe in using highly searched keywords for their websites even if they are irrelevant. In addition, there are chances you are not the only one who is using those phrases. It is advised to use relevant and useful keywords for your SEO campaign. Long tail keywords are considered even more beneficial.

Social signals do not matter in SEO – Due to recent updates and statements, many people were led to believe that social signals do not matter anymore in search engine optimization. Tech giant may not take social signals as a factor in SERP rankings. But, profiles or pages on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., are still very important for online marketing. It may not affect SERPs directly, but it is still useful. These pages or profiles can bring more traffic and visitors effectively increasing your online presence.

Google is killing search engine optimization – There are professionals who believe that the tech giant Google is killing SEO. But it is not true. Google is just trying to improve the quality of results on SERPs. This is the reason why tech giant is regularly updating its algorithms with updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc.

It can provide results overnight – Business owners believe that search engine optimization can provide results overnight. On the other hand, it is a slow and steady process that provides long lasting results.

You can avoid above mentioned myths and protect your search engine optimization campaign from the unnecessary damage. Or, you can save yourself from this complex process by hiring professional SEO companies. These IT companies stay abreast with the latest changes and trends in search engine optimization. They provide services in which they use various SEO strategies to get the best possible SERP rankings for clients along with traffic, visitors, and conversions.