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Google is a web page; we usually open it to search about all the queries running in our mind. Sometimes our queries are interconnected and it becomes very difficult to search a different web page for every query. In addition, for every query, there we get more than thousands of web pages.

Algorithms define as a computer process that accepts your questions and turns them into answers. Google algorithm updates so frequently that its version is not usually remembered by people.

Reason why algorithm goes unnoticed by people, because only minor changes take place when compared with the old version.

Major algorithms are-

1. Google Pigeon update
2. Google Humming bird update
3. Google Panda update
4. Google Penguin update

What is Google Real time Penguin Update 4.0?

Google’s next Penguin Algorithm update, Real-time Penguin Algorithm has gone live. Google experts said this update will helps in simplifying the recovery process. This algorithm will remove all unnatural link and helps in speedily recovery of rankings and visibility. Purpose of this update is promoting more and better backlinks to your website using link building techniques.

As we all knows Penguin improve the quality of search results by correlates and discounts the value for certain types of unnatural backlinks.

Google launched various updates earlier, those versions could help the queries up to 3% and the success rate was too low. To solve the problem, Google launched an update 4.0 that works in real time and changes that will occur will be completely visible to the users and speed would be much faster. This update launched on September 23rd came up with a solution of 3.1% queries. Let us talk about some of the features of this update.

It is the first update that is real time. Every time Google goes on an update, ranking of site changes immediately. People can analyze the reputation and image of their sites quickly.

Released worldwide – Google Penguin 4.0 update is released among all the countries and covering all the possible languages.

Part of core algorithm – It is now considered as part of the Google core algorithm and not a separate filter.

Guide to use penguin update in a beneficial way

Since it is a part of core algorithm and last update from Google, we must learn to benefit from this site. New update helps you to recover from penalty quickly by removing spam links from the site.

Also, help to perform experiments by assuring you the chances of error to be almost nil until and unless you are careful.

1. You need to keep a regular check on the position of your site. You can activate SMS alerts on your mobile phone as well as email alerts that will inform you about your site ranking and success graph each time the Google updates. Activating an alert is must because this is the only way to get informed about the changes occurred.

2. You have to create your backlink profile attractive and maintain it by keeping a regular check on new and lost back links.


1. It is said to be real time, but this real time is not instantaneous and launching this feature is of no use until it provides quick results.

2. After a wait of 2 years, it is able to handle only 3.1% queries which don’t create any difference from previous versions.

3. Some SEO has theorized that new algorithm might simply ignore the spam links rather than enforce a punitive measure.

4. Penguin will never update you if your site is being penalized.

We have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of penguin update 4.0 and wish luck to handle this update and accept it in an optimistic way.

With a little help from Google Penguin Recovery Service and Expert

Links to your website plays an important role in the Rankings of your website. Google counts all your website backlinks to see if all the links pointing to your site are not against Google guidelines. Here Penguin plays its part. If your website violates Google guidelines then Penguin slam a penalty to your SERP Rankings. This will decreases your website visibility for long time that you may need to hire any penguin recovery expert or any penguin recovery service.

So, if your website has been affected by this realtime Google Penguin updates?

Then call any penguin recovery expert or any penguin recovery service. They provide Google Update regaining service for your sites from Google Penguin. Their instant Penguin recovery solution will help you in getting back to the competition in less than three weeks. Removing penalties don’t mean ranking is improved; there are many other aspects that require equal efforts to improve the position. They also remove demotions with penguin updates.

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