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Citation also known as local business listing, means getting your company name and contact details on the Web pages which may or may not be similar to your website. Citations hold an important role in getting ranked on Google. Along with other factors, citations have also helped to give high ranks.

Citations have proved to be a boon to the business or services which do not have their own websites, but still are ranked high by the search engines because they depend on the information available.

Have a look at few points which will make you understand why citations are important:

• The citations give a message to the search engines that you are a local business and are actual and not fake. The citations are always related to the local business and hence the search engines find them appropriate and hence count them while ranking a page.

• The citations and the links together give high ranks to the website. Thus, the citations should be properly increased to rank high. Make sure you increase the number of citations through,, etc. This will grab the attention of the search engines and give you ranks. But keep them balanced with the links.

• Not only the quantity, but the quality of the citations also matters. The citations should be placed on reputed sites which gives a message to the search engine that they are not fake and hence increase your count. Avoid sites that are low reputed or spam.

• Place your citations on properly selected local business sites. A well established and well known local business website pages are the best to post your citations as they will be easily noticed by the search engines.

• When plotted on the industrial websites, the citations are highly noticed by the organic search engine optimization. When you place a citation on such websites, your citation is suffering from less traffic, less revenue, etc. But this had a benefit that it gives a clear local indication to Google and hence you receive a high ranking.

• Not only properly constructed citations are important, but citations which are not properly constructed to give a high ranking. For this they are listed in newspaper website, event listing website, government website, blogs, etc. This also gives ranking to your citations.

• A properly structured citation gives the details of your contacts. This also gives a direct key to the search engines that you are a local business and hence rises your ranks. For this your citations must also be updated at regular intervals to receive high ranking.

Just as other factors are important such as links, keywords, SEO services etc are important, similarly the citations are important to get top ranking. With a proper and accurate citation the local citation founder will easily search it and hence increase your ranks.