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Many people believe that SEO is breathing its last breaths. While most people believe, that it has been brought back to life due to recent changes in its techniques and practices. It includes new methods of link building, social media marketing, and content marketing. In past few years, content marketing has become a vital asset for SEO professionals.

There is a deep connection between both these aspects of online marketing. However, several factors played an essential role in the increasing importance of content in SEO. Some of these factors are –

Google algorithm updates – Google is dead set on improving the quality of results shown in SERPs. For this purpose, tech giant has launched numerous algorithm updates effectively targeting websites with low quality and duplicate information. For business owners, it has become important to pay attention to the information their websites are displaying. It should be relevant, original, and fresh with the best possible quality.

Increasing importance of visual information – Importance of visual content has increased significantly in past few years. Infographics, power point presentations (PPTs), images, graphics, videos etc., are slowly taking the place of text on internet. They are easily sharable and have the ability to attract more visitors. It can get more traffic for websites, which is why SEO professionals practicing these techniques more often. Additionally, it is a known fact that an individual remembers images better than text.

Both above-mentioned aspects have increased the significance of content in search engine optimization. Now both these terms have become the two inseparable parts of one goal that is high SERP rankings and increased traffic. So, now –

  • It is essential to pay attention to information shared on website, blogs, social media profiles etc.
  • Regular updates on blogs, social media profiles are necessary.
  • It is also important to avoid duplicate, thin, and low quality information.
  • Visual content is the key to increased traffic, visitors, and online presence.
  • It helps in increasing social presence via social signals, which is good for SEO as well as for brand awareness.
  • Quality and relevant information defends your website from Google algorithm updates.

Many SEO professionals are providing comprehensive search engine optimization services including content marketing. Content is the king that now rules the SEO world. Every business owner must understand this fact and get their websites optimized accordingly. Give your customers something relevant and fresh to read or see (in visual information) and notice the difference in your rankings, traffic, online presence etc.