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There are a number of commercial or other websites which are available on the internet. Why the designers and technicians are giving enough concern to the concept of the websites? It is because a website marks your online presence and if you have worked over it, then it will speak to the customer or your clients itself. There are plenty of Designing tools that can be helpful in the work and it is almost easy for many of the peoples to make their own website. The number of the developers are increasing more and more so basically it is ruining the digital availability for one another. Even if it is your startup or you are a well-recognized organization if your website is not updated and not up to the mark, probably you will receive less appreciation. The website of yours if contain any errors or is outdated, then the search engines will not find it compatible to show to the user interface. If you are not fond of geekiness, then definitely you can go for a sophisticated and simple website.

A very pathetic mistake in most of the website designing is that enough research work and analysis is not done through the tools. If you have made a few changes or have updated something then you must have a record of how many visitors are navigating through the website. The website starts to degrade when they don’t know the sequence to present their matter, like if you have been showing the deepest knowledge superficially and in the core, there is nothing informative. In this case, you have yourself let the quality of your website down.

There are certain mistakes that most of the web designers or developers commit. Here I am throwing light upon the following prospects of weakness-

Improper SEO– SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that helps you to dominate the search results. If enough work is not done on SEO then it would lead you to trouble. Social engagement would depreciate and website ranks may also lower down. The web developer or designers must know to utilize their knowledge for search engine algorithms in your website, as it will add more value to the quality of your website and probably you might get a number of surfers.

The uncertainty of your location or contacts– Tough this factor is not given much consideration, but if a new customer is surfing through your website he would definitely like to relate them to your location or reach. In that case, if you have played with the actual information then you might have to face the consequences. If you are talking about digitization and globalization, being out of reach from potential customers for clients already in your contact info would be silly. In order to overcome this, the designer should provide every possible detail of your contacts like E-mail, phone no., Twitter handle, FaceBook address and many more.

Make space only for the quality content– It is understood that you must keep your website updated, but definitely, it does not mean bringing the monotony precisely. The complaint letters available on your website must be so accurate and relatable with the work that no customer of yours feels manipulated. The content should be fresh, informative and updated with the recent work of yours, else your previous clients can predict that you are out of business now.

Not reverting back– Most of the people commit the mistake of not providing an open platform to the customers. Keep in mind that if your customer will not get to know who you are, you won’t be able to make the results fruitful for your company. For this purpose, you must always open doors for your customers through your website where they could share their views and your team members can have a conversation with them in need. The queries must be like-

1. Cost for your product or services

2. Construction or dismantling

3. Your further locations & privacy policy

4. Possible location and shipping criteria

5. Some basic information about you for your company

No significant information about your website– This topic is the most annoying and disgusting for the viewers, no matter how beautiful the content or design is but if your designer failed to amalgamate between these two you will produce no relevant website. Hence you must be clear about the fact that whatever your business is about, whether it is e-commerce, technical or business, your website should make everything crystal clear for the client. As most of your viewers would like to know what you have in your hands. You can highlight your recent works or the services which you offer. All of your credentials, testimonials inventory offers should consist of your website program.

Unfinished pages and false links– Well this is one of the very basic factors and if anyone will get to know about this, probably you will have to face the consequences. If your website is having any false link which is taking the user to an anonymous website or page, then definitely you must correct it. Most of the time the error occurs in pages as they break providing uncertainty while exploring the website. Have an active eye on your website and with respective duration keep checking it. Probably it can be a technical issue or someone has attempted to hack your website. If any uncertainty, site conflict or false plug-in happens just report it and execute.

If the website is slow and not mobile friendly– We are living in the ages of the 4G network, and so fond of seeing instant results that if you a website is taking more than 3 or 4 seconds to load then chances are that users switch. It is a psychological fact that if someone is clicking on a website they are expecting it to load at the very moment. The most important thing is if your website is mobile-friendly then it will be very easy for you as more people can access it conveniently.

Let us talk about some facts and figures as only this can leave an impact on you.

• 80% of people instantly switch to another site when they do not like the visuals of the website.

• 40 % of users stand for the statement that if a website is not mobile friendly probably the owners are not ready for the business development or lacking the approach for easily accessible.

• 50% of users have said that if a website malfunction, in that case, they don’t engage themselves with the product or services they offer. No matter how far they have gone with the advancement.

Insignificant images, false advertisements and poor grammar– need I say more? All of the factors which I have mentioned now are enough for you to know that to what extent it could be inconvenient and frustrating for the viewers. If a website is containing unnecessary pictures or advertisements of other websites, think once does it make sense? And the most illiterate part starts when it is having poor grammar. Why would anyone prefer this sort of website and how you will able to get the trust of the consumer? The graphics and animations are such a strong field that if you are a designer having enough knowledge, then you can surely win innumerable hearts.

Complex Fill up– If your website asks a user for registration or pre-bookings, then you must read this whole segment again. Only in exceptional cases say when the server is down you can consider this, but if unnecessarily your registration page makes an error or shows nothing then this is a thing to worry. If the client has liked your services then only they have reached the final step of registration & if you have made a mistake over that particular section of your website, you will lose that customer forever. If you want to know more, then just search a few different websites and can know what the mandatory requirements every website asks for are. The possible reason might be an unfriendly resolution on the screen. If your designer is professional, I am not expecting for this mistake. An ideal website is one that is accessible to almost every device and provides brilliant screen resolution.

What to do?

Let us know the possible mistakes that we can avoid to get the most out of market and fruitful results-

• The very first thing is the content and format of a website.

• Then come the visuals and animations where you have to shift your focus.

• Try to highlight your contact through any means on the top.

• Always work with professional designers and developers who have the skills.

• Provide relevant links and information through a website.

• Try to avail every possible prospect of your business

If you have paid enough attention to the article and make up your mind clear, you will get to know the seriousness of this concept. One small mistake on your website can offer you a list of troubles. But if you are a professional who is seeking for Business Development up to borders, then definitely you must take a step forward towards your online presence, as it is a very first thing that draws a picture of yours in someone’s mind. I hope we have helped you.