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SEO and PR can work together for mutually exclusive benefits. They actually go together to benefit each other as well as the business as a whole. For the success of any SEO strategy, two components are crucial – content and outreach. These two things are familiar with the PR as well. Here are 8 ways PR and SEO work together to achieve the same business goal –

1. Influencer Outreach

SEO and PR can partner in influence outreach for a brand to boost its online reputation. They can work together to reach out to social media influencers and boost success by securing future relationships.

2. Press Release

There is a thing called Press Release and then there is an Optimized Press Release. So an optimized Press Release is one that includes multimedia assets and is optimized to target specific audience. Working with a PR team can give an extra boost to the Press Releases. This can be done with the help of digital marketers to create unique video interviews or other content for the targeted audience.

3. Content

Sharing a high-quality content can work wonders for the SEO strategy. The PR team can focus on re-creating the content by following editorial guidelines such as sharing new information, giving a unique angle to the story, creating a strong About Me page, metadata etc.

4. PR events

This one is specialty of PR yet SEO can do a lot in spreading the word. So, both SEO and PR can work together here to create brand image, event awareness, building relationships and earning high-quality links in the process. Apart from that, SEO can help to target bloggers, journalists and brand advocates and eventually invite them to cover the events.

5. Link reclamation

A PR professional can share the list of media placements with the SEO team. Why? Well, the links from the past can actually serve as an effective tool for link building for the SEO pros. The SEO team can help those contacts to kink back to your website if they don’t. This, in turn, will help your business to diversify and help in growing the overall links back to your business’ domain.

6. Campaign Ideas

SEO have number of tools that can help in understanding the success of social campaigns. These tools do so by researching the impact of campaigns run in the past. While the PR team will be engaged in creating campaigns, the SEO team will monitor their influence and help make decisions on campaigns that have maximum outreach.

7. Media Targets

The PR team always maintains their contact list. They keep on adding people as per their influencing ability on social media. This list can also be expanded through SEO. SEO can research about high authority sites and influencers that can promote and link to the campaigns of your business.

8. Branding

Branding is all about merging the editorial calendars. This is actually a PR specialty but staying consistent with the SEO team will help boost the overall success of the business. This strategy helps to convey a unified message to the consumers whether it is about launching content story, social updates or even offline marketing targets.

Today, SEO and PR work together to achieve a unified goal. It is the part of the best practices to help them converge with a shared vision, tasks and goals in order to give maximum boost for your business.