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Many of the small-scale businesses aim to achieve a higher rank in this competitive market, but only a few get success. Reasons may be plenty that contributes to either failure or unbelievable heights of favorable result and glory. With an intention to help the small-scale business, Google AdWords Express (AWE) was launched in 2011. It provides an entry to the Pay per click (PPC) advertising for small businesses. For merchants who need the advanced features, they can choose AdWords to hit their goals.

Here are the five tips which will help you to get the most benefits from Google AdWords Express

1. Start With a Small Budget

You do not need a hefty amount of money to invest in Google Adwords Express. A small monthly budget of around $300 or less can do the trick for you. This platform is much simpler than Adwords, but you do need some levers to pull for enhancing the campaign performance. Keeping your investment low helps in taking control of the stock without taking too much of a risk.

2. Link Google Adwords Express with Analytics

If you already have a Google Adwords account, you can link it with Analytics to get the most out of it. By doing this, you can set campaigns within your AWE which contribute to your business goals in Google Analytics. Also, it also helps in checking the profit percentage of different metrics. Google provides a detailing step by step guide on linking AWE with Analytics.

3. Ask Essential Questions

Google must make sure that we are getting benefits from Google Adwords Express. The superior our experience is, the better we will be spending on AWE. For frequent asking of questions, Google has set up a Help box in the top right corner through which the users can search for their questions to find the answer. The level of support is not much high, but still, AWE provides adequate information to resolve most issues.

4. Have An Understanding of Quality Score

The most important element in Google Adwords Express is Quality Score. It is a foundational aspect of paid search marketing. It decides what each user pays for each click and the location in which the ads appear on your search results. Ideally, the quality score ranges from 1 to 10 depending on your requirements. However, focusing on some key areas to improve the customer experience will be an addition to your quality score too.

5. Choose the Right Keywords

Once you choose your business category in AWE, Google will generate a list of keywords to choose from. It is essential to visualize which keywords can be the most relevant to your business. After analyzing, you can incorporate those keywords into your ad copy. This will surely increase the probability of customers who will click on your ad when searching for similar business options.

AWE empowers seamless campaign set-up, some essential metrics to level up the performance, and a smart dashboard to monitor the daily performance. With small scale business, looking to up their game, AWE can be a perfect option for them.

Follow the tips explained above to get the most benefits from Google Adwords Express.